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[Resource Topic] 2018/482: SPDZ2k: Efficient MPC mod 2^k for Dishonest Majority
[Resource Topic] 2018/487: Unbounded Inner-Product Functional Encryption, with Succinct Keys
[Resource Topic] 2018/486: Pushing the Communication Barrier in Secure Computation using Lookup Tables
[Resource Topic] 2019/1483: Communication--Computation Trade-offs in PIR
[Resource Topic] 2018/489: Betrayal, Distrust, and Rationality: Smart Counter-Collusion Contracts for Verifiable Cloud Computing
[Resource Topic] 2018/490: Glitch-Resistant Masking Revisited - or Why Proofs in the Robust Probing Model are Needed
[Resource Topic] 2018/491: Conjugacy Separation Problem in Braids: an Attack on the Original Colored Burau Key Agreement Protocol
[Resource Topic] 2018/494: Order-LWE and the Hardness of Ring-LWE with Entropic Secrets
[Resource Topic] 2019/1484: Force-Locking Attack on Sync Hotstuff
[Resource Topic] 2018/496: Efficient Delegated Private Set Intersection on Outsourced Private Datasets
[Resource Topic] 2018/497: Forward Private Searchable Symmetric Encryption with Optimized I/O Efficiency
[Resource Topic] 2018/498: Modeling Soft Analytical Side-Channel Attacks from a Coding Theory Viewpoint
[Resource Topic] 2018/499: Secure Two-party Threshold ECDSA from ECDSA Assumptions
[Resource Topic] 2018/500: Encrypt or Decrypt? To Make a Single-Key Beyond Birthday Secure Nonce-Based MAC
[Resource Topic] 2018/502: Computer-aided proofs for multiparty computation with active security
[Resource Topic] 2018/506: Secure Two-Party Computation over Unreliable Channels
[Resource Topic] 2018/507: Tight Tradeoffs in Searchable Symmetric Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2018/508: Cost-Effective Private Linear Key Agreement With Adaptive CCA Security from Prime Order Multilinear Maps and Tracing Traitors
[Resource Topic] 2018/511: Return of GGH15: Provable Security Against Zeroizing Attacks
[Resource Topic] 2018/512: Provably Secure Integration Cryptosystem on Non-Commutative Group
[Resource Topic] 2018/513: Another coin bites the dust: An analysis of dust in UTXO based cryptocurrencies
[Resource Topic] 2018/514: Weak Compression and (In)security of Rational Proofs of Storage
[Resource Topic] 2018/516: Partial Key Exposure Attacks on RSA: Achieving the Boneh-Durfee Bound
[Resource Topic] 2018/517: Upper and Lower Bounds for Continuous Non-Malleable Codes
[Resource Topic] 2018/519: Fortified Universal Composability: Taking Advantage of Simple Secure Hardware Modules
[Resource Topic] 2018/520: Bernstein Bound on WCS is Tight - Repairing Luykx-Preneel Optimal Forgeries
[Resource Topic] 2018/521: Ciphertext Expansion in Limited-Leakage Order-Preserving Encryption: A Tight Computational Lower Bound
[Resource Topic] 2018/522: Fast Correlation Attack Revisited --Cryptanalysis on Full Grain-128a, Grain-128, and Grain-v1
[Resource Topic] 2018/523: Reducing Complexity of Pairing Comparisons using Polynomial Evaluation
[Resource Topic] 2018/524: New Smooth Projective Hashing For Oblivious Transfer
[Resource Topic] 2019/1486: RLWE-based Zero-Knowledge Proofs for linear and multiplicative relations
[Resource Topic] 2018/526: Towards KEM Unification
[Resource Topic] 2018/527: Improved Key Recovery Attacks on Reduced-Round AES with Practical Data an d Memory Complexities
[Resource Topic] 2018/530: Two-Message Statistically Sender-Private OT from LWE
[Resource Topic] 2018/535: Monero - Privacy in the Blockchain
[Resource Topic] 2018/536: On the Hardness of the Computational Ring-LWR Problem and its Applications
[Resource Topic] 2018/537: Quantum Security Analysis of CSIDH
[Resource Topic] 2018/539: Extracting Linearization Equations from Noisy Sources
[Resource Topic] 2018/538: Non-Malleable Codes for Partial Functions with Manipulation Detection
[Resource Topic] 2018/533: Quantum Attacks against Indistinguishablility Obfuscators Proved Secure in the Weak Multilinear Map Model
[Resource Topic] 2018/531: Polynomial direct sum masking to protect against both SCA and FIA
[Resource Topic] 2018/529: Trapdoor Functions from the Computational Diffie-Hellman Assumption
[Resource Topic] 2018/540: Must the Communication Graph of MPC Protocols be an Expander?
[Resource Topic] 2018/541: Generic Attacks against Beyond-Birthday-Bound MACs
[Resource Topic] 2018/542: Continuously Non-Malleable Codes in the Split-State Model from Minimal Assumptions
[Resource Topic] 2018/545: Fully Automated Differential Fault Analysis on Software Implementations of Block Ciphers
[Resource Topic] 2019/1487: SNR-Centric Power Trace Extractors for Side-Channel Attacks
[Resource Topic] 2018/546: Quantum Lattice Enumeration and Tweaking Discrete Pruning
[Resource Topic] 2018/547: Indifferentiable Authenticated Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2018/548: From Laconic Zero-Knowledge to Public-Key Cryptography
[Resource Topic] 2018/549: Adaptive Garbled RAM from Laconic Oblivious Transfer
[Resource Topic] 2018/551: Structured Encryption and Leakage Suppression
[Resource Topic] 2018/552: On the Complexity of Compressing Obfuscation
[Resource Topic] 2018/553: Optimal Channel Security Against Fine-Grained State Compromise: The Safety of Messaging
[Resource Topic] 2018/554: A new class of irreducible pentanomials for polynomial based multipliers in binary fields
[Resource Topic] 2018/556: The Curse of Small Domains: New Attacks on Format-Preserving Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2018/563: Multi-client Predicate-only Encryption for Conjunctive Equality Tests
[Resource Topic] 2018/558: Simplifying Game-Based Definitions: Indistinguishability up to Correctness and Its Application to Stateful AE
[Resource Topic] 2018/559: Proofs of Work from Worst-Case Assumptions
[Resource Topic] 2018/560: Sub-Linear Lattice-Based Zero-Knowledge Arguments for Arithmetic Circuits
[Resource Topic] 2018/562: maskVerif: automated analysis of software and hardware higher-order masked implementations
[Resource Topic] 2021/1602: A Note on P/poly Validity of GVW15 Predicate Encryption Scheme
[Resource Topic] 2018/557: Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Composite Statements
[Resource Topic] 2020/1053: Circuit Amortization Friendly Encodings and their Application to Statistically Secure Multiparty Computation
[Resource Topic] 2019/1488: Fine-Grained Cryptography Revisited
[Resource Topic] 2020/694: The nearest-colattice algorithm
[Resource Topic] 2020/1062: Quantum Search for Scaled Hash Function Preimages
[Resource Topic] 2020/704: Secure Single-Server Aggregation with (Poly)Logarithmic Overhead
[Resource Topic] 2020/713: A Generic Construction of Predicate Proxy Key Re-encapsulation Mechanism
[Resource Topic] 2021/1606: An Enhanced Long-term Blockchain Scheme Against Compromise of Cryptography
[Resource Topic] 2021/1616: A Note on the Post-Quantum Security of (Ring) Signatures
[Resource Topic] 2021/1604: The most efficient indifferentiable hashing to elliptic curves of $j$-invariant $1728$
[Resource Topic] 2022/264: Gradecast in Synchrony and Reliable Broadcast in Asynchrony with Optimal Resilience, Efficiency, and Unconditional Security
[Resource Topic] 2022/265: Non-interactive Mimblewimble transactions, revisited
[Resource Topic] 2019/170: Key-dependent cube attack on reduced Frit permutation in Duplex-AE modes
[Resource Topic] 2019/200: Degree 2 is Complete for the Round-Complexity of Malicious MPC
[Resource Topic] 2022/285: Usability of Cryptocurrency Wallets Providing CoinJoin Transactions
[Resource Topic] 2022/292: Comment on ``SRAM-PUF Based Entities Authentication Scheme for Resource-constrained IoT Devices''
[Resource Topic] 2022/277: Security Analysis of Elliptic Curves over Sextic Extension of Small Prime Fields
[Resource Topic] 2020/743: A key-recovery timing attack on post-quantum primitives using the Fujisaki-Okamoto transformation and its application on FrodoKEM
[Resource Topic] 2021/1615: High-order Polynomial Comparison and Masking Lattice-based Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/723: On the Confidentiality of Amounts in Grin
[Resource Topic] 2020/733: A Side-Channel Resistant Implementation of SABER
[Resource Topic] 2020/738: GIFT-COFB
[Resource Topic] 2021/1623: On the Short Principal Ideal Problem over some real Kummer fields
[Resource Topic] 2021/1638: 00
[Resource Topic] 2020/1154: Functional Encryption for Set Intersection in the Multi-Client Setting
[Resource Topic] 2020/756: Provable Security Analysis of FIDO2
[Resource Topic] 2022/303: Unlinkable Delegation of WebAuthn Credentials
[Resource Topic] 2022/297: Promise $\Sigma$-protocol: How to Construct Efficient Threshold ECDSA from Encryptions Based on Class Groups
[Resource Topic] 2020/754: Fluid MPC: Secure Multiparty Computation with Dynamic Participants
[Resource Topic] 2021/1644: Pushing the Limits: Searching for Implementations with the Smallest Area for Lightweight S-Boxes
[Resource Topic] 2021/1641: Differential Cryptanalysis of WARP
[Resource Topic] 2020/1144: Algebraic Distinguishers: From Discrete Logarithms to Decisional Uber Assumptions
[Resource Topic] 2020/744: Internal Symmetries and Linear Properties: Full-permutation Distinguishers and Improved Collisions on Gimli
[Resource Topic] 2020/753: Compressing Proofs of $k$-Out-Of-$n$ Partial Knowledge
[Resource Topic] 2022/305: Surveying definitions of election verifiability
[Resource Topic] 2020/763: Practical Quantum-Safe Stateful Hybrid Key Exchange Protocol
[Resource Topic] 2020/1157: Secure Massively Parallel Computation for Dishonest Majority
[Resource Topic] 2021/1658: Identifiable Cheating Entity Flexible Round-Optimized Schnorr Threshold (ICE FROST) Signature Protocol
[Resource Topic] 2022/318: Efficient Online-friendly Two-Party ECDSA Signature
[Resource Topic] 2020/772: Fiat-Shamir for Repeated Squaring with Applications to PPAD-Hardness and VDFs
[Resource Topic] 2021/1650: “They’re not that hard to mitigate”: What Cryptographic Library Developers Think About Timing Attacks
[Resource Topic] 2020/1155: Zilch: A Framework for Deploying Transparent Zero-Knowledge Proofs
[Resource Topic] 2021/1665: Leakage-Resilient IBE/ABE with Optimal Leakage Rates from Lattices
[Resource Topic] 2020/117: Efficient BIKE Hardware Design with Constant-Time Decoder
[Resource Topic] 2020/1170: On the Power of an Honest Majority in Three-Party Computation Without Broadcast
[Resource Topic] 2021/1672: Succinct Zero-Knowledge Batch Proofs for Set Accumulators
[Resource Topic] 2020/791: Virtual ASICs: Generalized Proof-of-Stake Mining in Cryptocurrencies
[Resource Topic] 2020/118: InfoCommit: Information-Theoretic Polynomial Commitment and Verification
[Resource Topic] 2020/1184: Constant-time verification for cut-and-choose-based signatures
[Resource Topic] 2020/790: Anonymity and Rewards in Peer Rating Systems
[Resource Topic] 2022/324: Backward-Leak Uni-Directional Updatable Encryption from Public Key Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/1178: An Efficient Authenticated Key Exchange from Random Self-Reducibility on CSIDH
[Resource Topic] 2020/781: Interpolation Attacks on Round-Reduced Elephant, Kravatte and Xoofff
[Resource Topic] 2020/119: Hardness of LWE on General Entropic Distributions
[Resource Topic] 2020/1190: Efficient Post-Quantum SNARKs for RSIS and RLWE and their Applications to Privacy
[Resource Topic] 2020/1191: Schrödinger's Pirate: How To Trace a Quantum Decoder
[Resource Topic] 2020/806: Toward Comparable Homomorphic Encryption for Crowd-sensing Network
[Resource Topic] 2021/1686: Hecate: Abuse Reporting in Secure Messengers with Sealed Sender
[Resource Topic] 2022/334: Private Set Intersection from Pseudorandom Correlation Generators
[Resource Topic] 2020/799: Secure Generalized Deduplication via Multi-Key Revealing Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/800: Reimagining Secret Sharing: Creating a Safer and More Versatile Primitive by Adding Authenticity, Correcting Errors, and Reducing Randomness Requirements
[Resource Topic] 2021/1678: Zero-Knowledge for Homomorphic Key-Value Commitments with Applications to Privacy-Preserving Ledgers
[Resource Topic] 2020/1197: Black-Box Non-Interactive Non-Malleable Commitments
[Resource Topic] 2020/1198: Finding EM leakages at design stage: a simulation methodology
[Resource Topic] 2021/1693: Verifiable Decryption for BGV
[Resource Topic] 2020/808: Security Analysis of Olvid's SAS-based Trust Establishment Protocol
[Resource Topic] 2020/1467: Making the BKW Algorithm Practical for LWE
[Resource Topic] 2022/336: Batch Arguments for NP and More from Standard Bilinear Group Assumptions
[Resource Topic] 2020/1199: Towards Defeating Backdoored Random Oracles: Indifferentiability with Bounded Adaptivity
[Resource Topic] 2021/1689: Proof of a conjecture on a special class of matrices over commutative rings of characteristic 2
[Resource Topic] 2021/1695: Invertible Quadratic Non-Linear Layers for MPC-/FHE-/ZK-Friendly Schemes over $\mathbb F_p^n$
[Resource Topic] 2021/1694: RLWE-based distributed key generation and threshold decryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/1202: Correlation Power Analysis and Higher-order Masking Implementation of WAGE
[Resource Topic] 2020/121: When HEAAN Meets FV: a New Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption with Reduced Memory Overhead
[Resource Topic] 2020/818: Security Limitations of Classical-Client Delegated Quantum Computing
[Resource Topic] 2020/1209: Universal Composition with Global Subroutines: Capturing Global Setup within plain UC
[Resource Topic] 2020/1468: Secure Cloud Auditing with Efficient Ownership Transfer (Full Version)
[Resource Topic] 2021/173: TensorCrypto
[Resource Topic] 2020/829: Refined Analysis of the Asymptotic Complexity of the Number Field Sieve
[Resource Topic] 2021/170: Fully Anonymous Group Signature with Verifier-Local Revocation
[Resource Topic] 2021/171: Pre-Computation Scheme of Window $\tau$NAF for Koblitz Curves Revisited
[Resource Topic] 2020/1212: Triply Adaptive UC NIZK
[Resource Topic] 2020/837: An Attack on Some Signature Schemes Constructed From Five-Pass Identification Schemes
[Resource Topic] 2020/1219: Aggregate Signature with Detecting Functionality from Group Testing
[Resource Topic] 2020/845: Post-Quantum Adaptor Signatures and Payment Channel Networks
[Resource Topic] 2022/360: Privacy-Preserving Contrastive Explanations with Local Foil Trees
[Resource Topic] 2021/184: Communication-Efficient BFT Protocols Using Small Trusted Hardware to Tolerate Minority Corruption
[Resource Topic] 2020/840: Proof of Storage-Time: Efficiently Checking Continuous Data Availability
[Resource Topic] 2021/178: Attribute-Based Access Control for Inner Product Functional Encryption from LWE
[Resource Topic] 2021/179: Efficient Framework for Genetic-Algorithm-Based Correlation Power Analysis
[Resource Topic] 2020/1228: Low-Cost Body Biasing Injection (BBI) Attacks on WLCSP Devices
[Resource Topic] 2020/854: Designing Reverse Firewalls for the Real World
[Resource Topic] 2020/1237: A Complete Analysis of the BKZ Lattice Reduction Algorithm
[Resource Topic] 2021/206: WabiSabi: Centrally Coordinated CoinJoins with Variable Amounts
[Resource Topic] 2020/873: Post-Quantum Group Key Agreement Scheme
[Resource Topic] 2022/368: Spiral: Fast, High-Rate Single-Server PIR via FHE Composition
[Resource Topic] 2022/373: Blind accumulators for e-voting
[Resource Topic] 2021/191: PT-Symmetric Quantum State Discrimination for Attack on BB84 Quantum Key Distribution
[Resource Topic] 2022/379: Fully Secure PSI via MPC-in-the-Head
[Resource Topic] 2020/863: Privacy-Preserving Automated Exposure Notification
[Resource Topic] 2020/855: Fooling primality tests on smartcards
[Resource Topic] 2021/197: Gambling for Success: The Lottery Ticket Hypothesis in Deep Learning-based SCA
[Resource Topic] 2020/875: Efficient Final Exponentiation via Cyclotomic Structure for Pairings over Families of Elliptic Curves
[Resource Topic] 2020/1257: Improved Reduction Between SIS Problems over Structured Lattices
[Resource Topic] 2020/1268: A Novel Duplication Based Countermeasure To Statistical Ineffective Fault Analysis
[Resource Topic] 2020/882: Puncturable Encryption: A Generic Construction from Delegatable Fully Key-Homomorphic Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/885: Wendy, the Good Little Fairness Widget
[Resource Topic] 2022/386: Secure Two-party Computation Approach for NTRUEncrypt
[Resource Topic] 2022/393: Improved Straight-Line Extraction in the Random Oracle Model With Applications to Signature Aggregation
[Resource Topic] 2020/890: Re-Consolidating First-Order Masking Schemes - Nullifying Fresh Randomness
[Resource Topic] 2021/213: Accelerating the Search of Differential and Linear Characteristics with the SAT Method
[Resource Topic] 2021/221: The Direction of Updatable Encryption Does Matter
[Resource Topic] 2020/1287: Multivariate Cryptographic Primitive based on the product of the roots of a polynomial over a field
[Resource Topic] 2020/1295: Optimized Software Implementations for theLightweight Encryption Scheme ForkAE
[Resource Topic] 2022/403: A New Feistel Approach Meets Fluid-SPN: Griffin for Zero-Knowledge Applications
[Resource Topic] 2020/899: On the Attack Evaluation and the Generalization Ability in Profiling Side-channel Analysis
[Resource Topic] 2021/228: On Publicly-Accountable Zero-Knowledge and Small Shuffle Arguments
[Resource Topic] 2022/401: A Logic and an Interactive Prover for the Computational Post-Quantum Security of Protocols
[Resource Topic] 2021/236: SNOW-Vi: an extreme performance variant of SNOW-V for lower grade CPUs
[Resource Topic] 2022/400: Quantum Advantage from Any Non-Local Game
[Resource Topic] 2020/900: Message-recovery Laser Fault Injection Attack on the Classic McEliece Cryptosystem
[Resource Topic] 2021/230: Subversion-Resilient Public Key Encryption with Practical Watchdogs
[Resource Topic] 2020/906: Optimally-resilient Unconditionally-secure Asynchronous Multi-party Computation Revisited
[Resource Topic] 2021/244: Forward Secret Encrypted RAM: Lower Bounds and Applications
[Resource Topic] 2020/1305: On the Compressed-Oracle Technique, and Post-Quantum Security of Proofs of Sequential Work
[Resource Topic] 2020/915: Does Fiat-Shamir Require a Cryptographic Hash Function?
[Resource Topic] 2020/925: Wolverine: Fast, Scalable, and Communication-Efficient Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Boolean and Arithmetic Circuits
[Resource Topic] 2022/410: Enhancing AES Using Chaos and Logistic Map-Based Key Generation Technique for Securing IoT-Based Smart Home
[Resource Topic] 2020/1315: On Index Calculus Algorithms for Subfield Curves
[Resource Topic] 2020/916: Black-Box Transformations from Passive to Covert Security with Public Verifiability
[Resource Topic] 2021/250: Key Agreement with Physical Unclonable Functions and Biometric Identifiers
[Resource Topic] 2020/1324: Separation Results for Boolean Function Classes
[Resource Topic] 2020/1325: On Self-Equivalence Encodings in White-Box Implementations
[Resource Topic] 2022/423: Polynomial Approximation of Inverse sqrt Function for FHE
[Resource Topic] 2022/433: McFly: Verifiable Encryption to the Future Made Practical
[Resource Topic] 2022/422: Verifiable Mix-Nets and Distributed Decryption for Voting from Lattice-Based Assumptions
[Resource Topic] 2020/934: CanDID: Can-Do Decentralized Identity with Legacy Compatibility, Sybil-Resistance, and Accountability
[Resource Topic] 2020/939: DLDDO: Deep Learning to Detect Dummy Operations
[Resource Topic] 2020/941: Alternative Tower Field Construction for Quantum Implementation of the AES S-box
[Resource Topic] 2021/257: Cryptanalysis of the quantum public-key cryptosystem OTU under heuristics from combinatorial statements
[Resource Topic] 2021/263: Non-Interactive Half-Aggregate Signatures Based on Module Lattices - A First Attempt
[Resource Topic] 2020/1333: Updateable Inner Product Argument with Logarithmic Verifier and Applications
[Resource Topic] 2020/1343: Improved Cryptanalysis of UOV and Rainbow
[Resource Topic] 2020/950: Self-Processing Private Sensor Data via Garbled Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2021/271: On the CCA Compatibility of Public-Key Infrastructure
[Resource Topic] 2022/432: Classical Verification of Quantum Computations in Linear Time
[Resource Topic] 2020/1349: Key Dependency of Differentials: Experiments in the Differential Cryptanalysis of Block Ciphers Using Small S-boxes
[Resource Topic] 2021/278: More Communication Lower Bounds for Information-Theoretic MPC
[Resource Topic] 2020/1348: Vetted Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/959: Quantum Cryptanalysis on Contracting Feistel Structures and Observation on Related-key Settings
[Resource Topic] 2020/1353: Adaptive-secure identity-based inner-product functional encryption and its leakage-resilience
[Resource Topic] 2020/1362: Lattice-Based Proof-of-Work for Post-Quantum Blockchains
[Resource Topic] 2020/1363: Game-Set-MATCH: Using Mobile Devices for Seamless External-Facing Biometric Matching
[Resource Topic] 2021/290: Dummy Shuffling against Algebraic Attacks in White-box Implementations
[Resource Topic] 2020/969: Hashing to elliptic curves of $j=0$ and quadratic imaginary orders of class number $2$
[Resource Topic] 2020/978: Linear and Partly-Pseudo-Linear Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round SPARX Cipher
[Resource Topic] 2021/286: Fiat-Shamir via List-Recoverable Codes (or: Parallel Repetition of GMW is not Zero-Knowledge)
[Resource Topic] 2020/977: On the Influence of Optimizers in Deep Learning-based Side-channel Analysis
[Resource Topic] 2020/970: Efficient Protocols for Oblivious Linear Function Evaluation from Ring-LWE
[Resource Topic] 2020/1366: LURK: Server-Controlled TLS Delegation
[Resource Topic] 2020/987: Fuzzy Asymmetric Password-Authenticated Key Exchange
[Resource Topic] 2020/1374: ELM : A Low-Latency and Scalable Memory Encryption Scheme
[Resource Topic] 2021/308: Threshold Garbled Circuits and Ad Hoc Secure Computation
[Resource Topic] 2020/998: Lightweight Virtual Payment Channels
[Resource Topic] 2022/464: Superposition Attacks on Pseudorandom Schemes based on Two or Less Permutations
[Resource Topic] 2021/300: Invariants for EA- and CCZ-equivalence of APN and AB functions
[Resource Topic] 2021/294: Code-based signatures without trapdoors through restricted vectors
[Resource Topic] 2020/986: The MALICIOUS Framework: Embedding Backdoors into Tweakable Block Ciphers
[Resource Topic] 2020/989: Algorithm for SIS and MultiSIS problems
[Resource Topic] 2020/1384: A Black-Box Approach to Post-Quantum Zero-Knowledge in Constant Rounds
[Resource Topic] 2020/1385: An Alternative Approach for SIDH Arithmetic
[Resource Topic] 2020/1394: Practical and Secure Circular Range Search on Private Spatial Data
[Resource Topic] 2019/203: Versatile ABS: Usage Limited, Revocable, Threshold Traceable, Authority Hiding, Decentralized Attribute Based Signatures
[Resource Topic] 2021/007: Notes on a lattice-based proxy-oriented identity-based encryption with keyword search
[Resource Topic] 2020/1403: A q-SDH-based Graph Signature Scheme on Full-Domain Messages with Efficient Protocols
[Resource Topic] 2019/205: A note on isogeny-based hybrid verifiable delay functions
[Resource Topic] 2021/317: MPCCache: Privacy-Preserving Multi-Party Cooperative Cache Sharing at the Edge
[Resource Topic] 2021/318: Oblivious TLS via Multi-Party Computation
[Resource Topic] 2019/206: Fault Attack Countermeasures for Error Samplers in Lattice-Based Cryptography
[Resource Topic] 2019/242: New Constructions of Reusable Designated-Verifier NIZKs
[Resource Topic] 2021/017: Lightweight Techniques for Private Heavy Hitters
[Resource Topic] 2020/1404: A Practical Key-Recovery Attack on 805-Round Trivium
[Resource Topic] 2019/221: Group Signatures without NIZK: From Lattices in the Standard Model
[Resource Topic] 2021/326: Bringing State-Separating Proofs to EasyCrypt - A Security Proof for Cryptobox
[Resource Topic] 2019/214: Four-Round Secure Multiparty Computation from General Assumptions
[Resource Topic] 2019/208: Related-Tweak Statistical Saturation Cryptanalysis and Its Application on QARMA
[Resource Topic] 2019/209: SoK: Peigen -- a Platform for Evaluation, Implementation, and Generation of S-boxes
[Resource Topic] 2019/210: CRAFT: Lightweight Tweakable Block Cipher with Efficient Protection Against DFA Attacks
[Resource Topic] 2019/236: Designated-verifier pseudorandom generators, and their applications
[Resource Topic] 2019/215: Approx-SVP in Ideal Lattices with Pre-processing
[Resource Topic] 2019/249: Revisiting Variable Output Length XOR Pseudorandom Function
[Resource Topic] 2019/250: Function-Dependent Commitments from Homomorphic Authenticators
[Resource Topic] 2019/217: A family of boolean functions with good cryptographic properties
[Resource Topic] 2019/231: Secret-Sharing Schemes for General and Uniform Access Structures
[Resource Topic] 2019/213: On ELFs, Deterministic Encryption, and Correlated-Input Security
[Resource Topic] 2019/232: On Quantum Advantage in Information Theoretic Single-Server PIR
[Resource Topic] 2019/256: DLCT: A New Tool for Differential-Linear Cryptanalysis
[Resource Topic] 2019/261: Forward-Secure Multi-Signatures
[Resource Topic] 2019/218: Computational Limitations in Robust Classification and Win-Win Results
[Resource Topic] 2019/182: Security is an Architectural Design Constraint
[Resource Topic] 2019/223: Optimized Homomorphic Encryption Solution for Secure Genome-Wide Association Studies
[Resource Topic] 2019/224: Compact Adaptively Secure ABE for NC1 from k-Lin
[Resource Topic] 2019/226: Flyclient: Super-Light Clients for Cryptocurrencies
[Resource Topic] 2019/230: Location, location, location: Revisiting modeling and exploitation for location-based side channel leakages
[Resource Topic] 2019/235: Reusable Designated-Verifier NIZKs for all NP from CDH
[Resource Topic] 2019/237: Optimal Oblivious Priority Queues
[Resource Topic] 2019/238: Robust Encryption, Extended
[Resource Topic] 2019/227: Securing Update Propagation with Homomorphic Hashing
[Resource Topic] 2019/239: Cheaper Private Set Intersection via Differentially Private Leakage
[Resource Topic] 2019/241: Efficient Circuit-based PSI with Linear Communication
[Resource Topic] 2019/243: 4-Round Luby-Rackoff Construction is a qPRP: Tight Quantum Security Bound
[Resource Topic] 2019/244: Attacks Only Get Better: How to Break FF3 on Large Domains
[Resource Topic] 2019/253: Founding Secure Computation on Blockchains
[Resource Topic] 2019/255: Designated Verifier/Prover and Preprocessing NIZKs from Diffie-Hellman Assumptions
[Resource Topic] 2019/257: Uncloneable Quantum Encryption via Oracles
[Resource Topic] 2019/246: Towards optimal robust secret sharing with security against a rushing adversary
[Resource Topic] 2019/247: Verifier-on-a-Leash: new schemes for verifiable delegated quantum computation, with quasilinear resources
[Resource Topic] 2019/254: A Quantum-Proof Non-Malleable Extractor With Application to Privacy Amplification against Active Quantum Adversaries
[Resource Topic] 2020/1072: Cryptanalysis of the permutation based algorithm SpoC
[Resource Topic] 2019/262: Revisiting Post-Quantum Fiat-Shamir
[Resource Topic] 2019/259: A Practical Method to Recover Exact Superpoly in Cube Attack
[Resource Topic] 2019/260: A Modular Treatment of Blind Signatures from Identification Schemes
[Resource Topic] 2019/263: Monoxide: Scale Out Blockchain with Asynchronous Consensus Zones
[Resource Topic] 2019/264: Unifying computational entropies via Kullback-Leibler divergence
[Resource Topic] 2019/266: Fast constant-time gcd computation and modular inversion
[Resource Topic] 2019/268: Lightweight Authentication for Low-End Control Units with Hardware Based Individual Keys*
[Resource Topic] 2019/248: Preimage Attacks on Round-reduced Keccak-224/256 via an Allocating Approach
[Resource Topic] 2020/088: Streamlet: Textbook Streamlined Blockchains
[Resource Topic] 2019/251: Consensus through Herding
[Resource Topic] 2019/275: MPCircuits: Optimized Circuit Generation for Secure Multi-Party Computation
[Resource Topic] 2019/278: Uncovering Algebraic Structures in the MPC Landscape
[Resource Topic] 2019/279: A Note on Key Agreement and Non-Interactive Commitments
[Resource Topic] 2020/1136: On the Family of Elliptic Curves $y^2=x^3+b/\mathbb{F}_p$
[Resource Topic] 2020/1140: On the Efficient Estimation of Min-Entropy
[Resource Topic] 2019/282: A Framework for Cryptographic Problems from Linear Algebra
[Resource Topic] 2019/276: BOREALIS: Building Block for Sealed Bid Auctions on Blockchains
[Resource Topic] 2019/273: Compressing Vector OLE
[Resource Topic] 2019/281: Make Some ROOM for the Zeros: Data Sparsity in Secure Distributed Machine Learning
[Resource Topic] 2019/271: A Simple Key Reuse Attack on LWE and Ring LWE Encryption Schemes as Key Encapsulation Mechanisms (KEMs)
[Resource Topic] 2019/287: Security Evaluation for Snow 2.0-like Stream Ciphers Against Correlation Attacks over Extension Fields
[Resource Topic] 2019/291: CCA Security and Trapdoor Functions via Key-Dependent-Message Security
[Resource Topic] 2019/292: Timing attacks on Error Correcting Codes in Post-Quantum Schemes
[Resource Topic] 2019/293: Impossibility of Strong KDM Security with Auxiliary Input
[Resource Topic] 2019/297: Towards Optimized and Constant-Time CSIDH on Embedded Devices
[Resource Topic] 2019/298: Improved Classical Cryptanalysis of SIKE in Practice
[Resource Topic] 2019/299: A Generic Construction of Revocable Identity-Based Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2019/296: Hash functions from superspecial genus-2 curves using Richelot isogenies
[Resource Topic] 2019/305: Practical Algebraic Side-Channel Attacks Against ACORN
[Resource Topic] 2019/300: Transient Effect Ring Oscillators Leak Too
[Resource Topic] 2019/307: Solving $x^{2^k+1}+x+a=0$ in $\mathbb{F}_{2^n}$ with $\gcd(n,k)=1$
[Resource Topic] 2019/310: A Formal Approach to Secure Speculation
[Resource Topic] 2020/1137: MOTION - A Framework for Mixed-Protocol Multi-Party Computation
[Resource Topic] 2019/315: Blockchains from Non-Idealized Hash Functions
[Resource Topic] 2019/316: Extended Affine and CCZ Equivalence up to Dimension 4
[Resource Topic] 2019/318: Improved quantum attack on Type-1 Generalized Feistel Schemes and Its application to CAST-256
[Resource Topic] 2019/320: Integral Matrix Gram Root and Lattice Gaussian Sampling without Floats
[Resource Topic] 2019/322: A High-Speed Constant-Time Hardware Implementation of NTRUEncrypt SVES
[Resource Topic] 2019/311: Cryptanalysis of OCB2: Attacks on Authenticity and Confidentiality
[Resource Topic] 2019/308: Obfuscation from Polynomial Hardness: Beyond Decomposable Obfuscation
[Resource Topic] 2019/317: Libra: Succinct Zero-Knowledge Proofs with Optimal Prover Computation
[Resource Topic] 2019/327: Quantum Distinguishing Attacks against Type-1 Generalized Feistel Ciphers
[Resource Topic] 2019/328: On the Difficulty of Hiding the Balance of Lightning Network Channels
[Resource Topic] 2019/329: Doubly half-injective PRGs for incompressible white-box cryptography
[Resource Topic] 2019/332: Efficient Private Comparison Queries over Encrypted Databases using Fully Homomorphic Encryption with Finite Fields
[Resource Topic] 2019/335: Examining the Practical Side Channel Resilience of ARX-boxes
[Resource Topic] 2019/340: Ease of Side-Channel Attacks on AES-192/256 by Targeting Extreme Keys
[Resource Topic] 2020/1139: Succinct and Adaptively Secure ABE for ABP from k-Lin
[Resource Topic] 2019/324: A Traceable Ring Signature Scheme based on Coding Theory
[Resource Topic] 2019/336: DEEP-FRI: Sampling Outside the Box Improves Soundness
[Resource Topic] 2019/341: MixEth: efficient, trustless coin mixing service for Ethereum
[Resource Topic] 2019/344: Cryptanalysis of Curl-P and Other Attacks on the IOTA Cryptocurrency
[Resource Topic] 2019/348: Efficient and Scalable Universal Circuits
[Resource Topic] 2019/349: Spin Me Right Round: Rotational Symmetry for FPGA-specific AES
[Resource Topic] 2019/356: Ad Hoc Multi-Input Functional Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2019/359: SANNS: Scaling Up Secure Approximate k-Nearest Neighbors Search
[Resource Topic] 2019/354: Benchmarking Privacy Preserving Scientific Operations
[Resource Topic] 2019/355: To Infect Or Not To Infect: A Critical Analysis Of Infective Countermeasures In Fault Attacks
[Resource Topic] 2019/361: On polynomial secret sharing schemes
[Resource Topic] 2019/347: Selfie: reflections on TLS 1.3 with PSK
[Resource Topic] 2020/1156: Verifiable Hierarchical Key Assignment Schemes
[Resource Topic] 2019/364: Everybody's a Target: Scalability in Public-Key Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2019/367: SAID: Reshaping Signal into an Identity-Based Asynchronous Messaging Protocol with Authenticated Ratcheting
[Resource Topic] 2019/371: Adding Linkability to Ring Signatures with One-Time Signatures
[Resource Topic] 2019/372: Privado: Privacy-Preserving Group-based Advertising using Multiple Independent Social Network Providers
[Resource Topic] 2019/373: Lelantus: A New Design for Anonymous and Confidential Cryptocurrencies
[Resource Topic] 2019/368: Strong Post-Compromise Secure Proxy Re-Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2019/374: Probability 1 Iterated Differential in the SNEIK Permutation
[Resource Topic] 2019/375: Secure Trick-Taking Game Protocols: How to Play Online Spades with Cheaters
[Resource Topic] 2019/362: Game Channels: State Channels for the Gambling Industry with Built-In PRNG
[Resource Topic] 2019/380: A Single Shuffle Is Enough for Secure Card-Based Computation of Any Circuit
[Resource Topic] 2019/383: Dragonblood: Analyzing the Dragonfly Handshake of WPA3 and EAP-pwd
[Resource Topic] 2020/1167: Batch Verification for Statistical Zero Knowledge Proofs
[Resource Topic] 2019/385: Miller Inversion is Easy for the Reduced Tate Pairing on Supersingular Curves of Embedding Degree Two and Three
[Resource Topic] 2019/524: Efficient Multi-Key Homomorphic Encryption with Packed Ciphertexts with Application to Oblivious Neural Network Inference
[Resource Topic] 2019/387: SoK : On DFA Vulnerabilities of Substitution-Permutation Networks
[Resource Topic] 2019/388: Towards Secret-Free Security
[Resource Topic] 2019/392: New Conditional Cube Attack on Keccak Keyed Modes
[Resource Topic] 2020/1073: Tight Security Analysis of 3-Round Key-Alternating Cipher with A Single Permutation
[Resource Topic] 2019/382: Hierarchical Attribute-based Signatures: Short Keys and Optimal Signature Length
[Resource Topic] 2020/1133: Security Analysis of Subterranean 2.0
[Resource Topic] 2020/1135: Adaptively Secure Inner Product Encryption from LWE
[Resource Topic] 2019/394: Masking Dilithium: Efficient Implementation and Side-Channel Evaluation
[Resource Topic] 2019/395: Full Database Reconstruction with Access and Search Pattern Leakage
[Resource Topic] 2019/389: Achieving secure and efficient lattice-based public-key encryption: the impact of the secret-key distribution
[Resource Topic] 2019/398: Constant-Round Group Key Exchange from the Ring-LWE Assumption
[Resource Topic] 2019/401: Side-Channel assessment of Open Source Hardware Wallets
[Resource Topic] 2019/405: A Novel FPGA Architecture and Protocol for the Self-attestation of Configurable Hardware
[Resource Topic] 2019/409: Post-Quantum Provably-Secure Authentication and MAC from Mersenne Primes
[Resource Topic] 2019/411: Exploring the Monero Peer-to-Peer Network
[Resource Topic] 2019/413: On the Streaming Indistinguishability of a Random Permutation and a Random Function
[Resource Topic] 2019/414: Two-Round Oblivious Transfer from CDH or LPN
[Resource Topic] 2019/410: Policy-Based Sanitizable Signatures
[Resource Topic] 2019/420: Improving Speed of Dilithium’s Signing Procedure
[Resource Topic] 2019/423: Chaotic Compilation for Encrypted Computing: Obfuscation but Not in Name
[Resource Topic] 2019/425: Homomorphic Training of 30,000 Logistic Regression Models
[Resource Topic] 2020/1168: FHE-Based Bootstrapping of Designated-Prover NIZK
[Resource Topic] 2019/435: A Complete and Optimized Key Mismatch Attack on NIST Candidate NewHope
[Resource Topic] 2020/1074: A Scalable Simulation of the BB84 Protocol Involving Eavesdropping
[Resource Topic] 2019/417: Numerical Method for Comparison on Homomorphically Encrypted Numbers
[Resource Topic] 2019/421: Continuing to reflect on TLS 1.3 with external PSK
[Resource Topic] 2019/418: Sharing of Encrypted files in Blockchain Made Simpler
[Resource Topic] 2019/433: Secure Communication Channel Establishment: TLS 1.3 (over TCP Fast Open) versus QUIC
[Resource Topic] 2019/440: Elastic-Tweak: A Framework for Short Tweak Tweakable Block Cipher
[Resource Topic] 2019/442: K2SN-MSS: An Efficient Post-Quantum Signature (Full Version)
[Resource Topic] 2019/444: Symmetric-key Authenticated Key Exchange (SAKE) with Perfect Forward Secrecy
[Resource Topic] 2019/445: Lattice-based Zero-Knowledge Proofs: New Techniques for Shorter and Faster Constructions and Applications
[Resource Topic] 2019/439: A Comprehensive Study of Deep Learning for Side-Channel Analysis
[Resource Topic] 2019/449: Limits to Non-Malleability
[Resource Topic] 2019/447: Practical Key-recovery Attacks on Round-Reduced Ketje Jr, Xoodoo-AE and Xoodyak
[Resource Topic] 2019/470: A Practical Approach to the Secure Computation of the Moore-Penrose Pseudoinverse over the Rationals
[Resource Topic] 2019/451: Reducing the Cost of Authenticity with Leakages: a CIML2-Secure AE Scheme with One Call to a Strongly Protected Tweakable Block Cipher
[Resource Topic] 2019/454: Non-Interactive MPC with Trusted Hardware Secure Against Residual Function Attacks
[Resource Topic] 2019/455: FloodXMR: Low-cost transaction flooding attack with Monero’s bulletproof protocol
[Resource Topic] 2019/456: UniqueChain: A Fast, Provably Secure Proof-of-Stake Based Blockchain Protocol in the Open Setting
[Resource Topic] 2019/461: Physical Security of Deep Learning on Edge Devices: Comprehensive Evaluation of Fault Injection Attack Vectors
[Resource Topic] 2019/462: How to wrap it up - A formally verified proposal for the use of authenticated wrapping in PKCS\#11
[Resource Topic] 2019/460: Fast Keyed-Verification Anonymous Credentials on Standard Smart Cards
[Resource Topic] 2019/452: A Central Limit Framework for Ring-LWE Decryption
[Resource Topic] 2019/464: The complexity of MinRank
[Resource Topic] 2019/477: The Complexities of Healing in Secure Group Messaging: Why Cross-Group Effects Matter
[Resource Topic] 2019/479: Extended 3-Party ACCE and Application to LoRaWAN 1.1
[Resource Topic] 2020/1077: Unconditionally secure quantum bit commitment: Revised
[Resource Topic] 2020/1078: Fair and Sound Secret Sharing from Homomorphic Time-Lock Puzzles
[Resource Topic] 2019/485: A taxonomy of pairings, their security, their complexity
[Resource Topic] 2019/489: Memory-Efficient High-Speed Implementation of Kyber on Cortex-M4
[Resource Topic] 2019/491: Best Information is Most Successful
[Resource Topic] 2019/492: Decisional second-preimage resistance: When does SPR imply PRE?
[Resource Topic] 2019/493: Evaluating the effectiveness of heuristic worst-case noise analysis in FHE
[Resource Topic] 2019/497: Forward and Backward-Secure Range-Searchable Symmetric Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2019/499: Dual Isogenies and Their Application to Public-key Compression for Isogeny-based Cryptography
[Resource Topic] 2019/500: An HPR variant of the FV scheme: Computationally Cheaper, Asymptotically Faster
[Resource Topic] 2019/503: Two-Party ECDSA from Hash Proof Systems and Efficient Instantiations
[Resource Topic] 2019/505: DL-LA: Deep Learning Leakage Assessment: A modern roadmap for SCA evaluations
[Resource Topic] 2019/507: Simple Schemes in the Bounded Storage Model
[Resource Topic] 2019/511: GALACTICS: Gaussian Sampling for Lattice-Based Constant-Time Implementation of Cryptographic Signatures, Revisited
[Resource Topic] 2019/514: Pixel: Multi-signatures for Consensus
[Resource Topic] 2019/506: Forward Integrity and Crash Recovery for Secure Logs
[Resource Topic] 2019/515: A Countermeasure Against Statistical Ineffective Fault Analysis
[Resource Topic] 2019/517: Mobile Private Contact Discovery at Scale
[Resource Topic] 2019/518: Fast Database Joins and PSI for Secret Shared Data
[Resource Topic] 2019/526: Prime, Order Please! Revisiting Small Subgroup and Invalid Curve Attacks on Protocols using Diffie-Hellman
[Resource Topic] 2020/1195: A Lower Bound for One-Round Oblivious RAM
[Resource Topic] 2019/528: Anomalies and Vector Space Search: Tools for S-Box Analysis (Full Version)
[Resource Topic] 2019/732: Fully Homomorphic NIZK and NIWI Proofs
[Resource Topic] 2019/534: Theoretical and Practical Approaches for Hardness Amplification of PUFs
[Resource Topic] 2019/536: Protecting against Statistical Ineffective Fault Attacks
[Resource Topic] 2019/520: A Note on Sub-Gaussian Random Variables
[Resource Topic] 2019/531: How to Correct Errors in Multi-Server PIR
[Resource Topic] 2019/523: Threshold ECDSA from ECDSA Assumptions: The Multiparty Case
[Resource Topic] 2019/540: A chosen key attack against the secret S-boxes of GOST
[Resource Topic] 2019/542: Formally Verified Cryptographic Web Applications in WebAssembly
[Resource Topic] 2019/543: TMPS: Ticket-Mediated Password Strengthening
[Resource Topic] 2020/1079: Subvert KEM to Break DEM: Practical Algorithm-Substitution Attacks on Public-Key Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/108: Practical Forgeries for ORANGE
[Resource Topic] 2019/579: BlockQuick: Super-Light Client Protocol for Blockchain Validation on Constrained Devices
[Resource Topic] 2019/558: How to not break SIDH
[Resource Topic] 2020/1082: Beyond Birthday Bound Secure Fresh Rekeying: Application to Authenticated Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2019/562: Towards More Secure Constructions of Adjustable Join Schemes
[Resource Topic] 2019/549: Finding a Nash Equilibrium Is No Easier Than Breaking Fiat-Shamir
[Resource Topic] 2019/538: On Perfect Endomorphic Ciphers
[Resource Topic] 2019/564: Verification of Authenticated Firmware Load
[Resource Topic] 2019/566: Deep Learning based Model Building Attacks on Arbiter PUF Compositions
[Resource Topic] 2019/563: ShareLock: Mixing for Cryptocurrencies from Multiparty ECDSA
[Resource Topic] 2019/557: Extended Galbraith's Test on the Anonymity of IBEs from Higher Residuosity
[Resource Topic] 2019/567: (Linkable) Ring Signature from Hash-Then-One-Way Signature
[Resource Topic] 2019/568: Post Quantum ECC on FPGA Platform
[Resource Topic] 2019/569: Lattice RingCT v2.0 with Multiple Input and Output Wallets
[Resource Topic] 2019/573: Security of the Suffix Keyed Sponge
[Resource Topic] 2019/575: On Abelian and Homomorphic Secret Sharing Schemes
[Resource Topic] 2019/577: Improved Multiplication Triple Generation over Rings via RLWE-based AHE
[Resource Topic] 2019/578: Deep Learning based Side Channel Attacks in Practice
[Resource Topic] 2020/1084: Fully Collision-Resistant Chameleon-Hashes from Simpler and Post-Quantum Assumptions
[Resource Topic] 2020/1085: Chosen-Ciphertext Secure Attribute-Hiding Non-Zero Inner Product Encryptions and Its Applications
[Resource Topic] 2019/571: Multi-Party Virtual State Channels
[Resource Topic] 2020/1087: Efficient Identity-Based Encryption with Hierarchical Key-Insulation from HIBE
[Resource Topic] 2019/587: Polygraph: Accountable Byzantine Agreement
[Resource Topic] 2019/590: Tighter proofs of CCA security in the quantum random oracle model
[Resource Topic] 2019/592: Statistical Analysis and Anonymity of TOR's Path Selection
[Resource Topic] 2019/640: On Round Optimal Statistical Zero Knowledge Arguments
[Resource Topic] 2019/589: A${^2}$L: Anonymous Atomic Locks for Scalability in Payment Channel Hubs
[Resource Topic] 2020/109: Fixing the Achilles Heel of E-Voting: The Bulletin Board
[Resource Topic] 2019/594: Cryptanalysis of Ring Homomorphic Encryption Schemes
[Resource Topic] 2019/595: DLSAG: Non-Interactive Refund Transactions For Interoperable Payment Channels in Monero
[Resource Topic] 2019/600: ZOCB and ZOTR: Tweakable Blockcipher Modes for Authenticated Encryption with Full Absorption
[Resource Topic] 2019/605: A note on different types of ransomware attacks
[Resource Topic] 2019/607: Improved Meet-in-the-Middle Preimage Attacks against AES Hashing Modes
[Resource Topic] 2019/609: CPA-to-CCA Transformation for KDM Security
[Resource Topic] 2019/602: Continuously Non-Malleable Secret Sharing for General Access Structures
[Resource Topic] 2020/1088: Two-Pass Authenticated Key Exchange with Explicit Authentication and Tight Security
[Resource Topic] 2019/603: How to Delegate Computations Publicly
[Resource Topic] 2019/614: Quantum Attacks without Superposition Queries: the Offline Simon's Algorithm
[Resource Topic] 2019/616: Channels of Small Log-Ratio Leakage and Characterization of Two-Party Differentially Private Computation
[Resource Topic] 2019/617: Trustless, Censorship-Resilient and Scalable Votings in the Permission-based Blockchain Model
[Resource Topic] 2019/618: Preimage Attacks on Reduced Troika with Divide-and-Conquer Methods
[Resource Topic] 2019/619: Continuous Verifiable Delay Functions
[Resource Topic] 2019/621: A Modified Simple Substitution Cipher With Unbounded Unicity Distance
[Resource Topic] 2019/611: Utreexo: A dynamic hash-based accumulator optimized for the Bitcoin UTXO set
[Resource Topic] 2019/625: Public-Key Cryptography in the Fine-Grained Setting
[Resource Topic] 2019/627: Unconditionally Secure Computation Against Low-Complexity Leakage
[Resource Topic] 2019/624: Nonces are Noticed: AEAD Revisited
[Resource Topic] 2019/629: Attribute Based Encryption (and more) for Nondeterministic Finite Automata from LWE
[Resource Topic] 2019/633: New non-linearity parameters of Boolean functions
[Resource Topic] 2019/634: SpOT-Light: Lightweight Private Set Intersection from Sparse OT Extension
[Resource Topic] 2020/1090: On the Adaptive Security of MACs and PRFs
[Resource Topic] 2019/644: Timed Signatures and Zero-Knowledge Proofs -Timestamping in the Blockchain Era-
[Resource Topic] 2019/646: Communication-Efficient Unconditional MPC with Guaranteed Output Delivery
[Resource Topic] 2019/631: Non-Uniformly Sound Certificates with Applications to Concurrent Zero-Knowledge
[Resource Topic] 2019/638: On the Distribution of Quadratic Residues and Non-residues Modulo Composite Integers and Applications to Cryptography
[Resource Topic] 2019/635: Homomorphic Time-Lock Puzzles and Applications
[Resource Topic] 2019/655: Visualizing size-security tradeoffs for lattice-based encryption
[Resource Topic] 2019/652: The Exchange Attack: How to Distinguish Six Rounds of AES with $2^{88.2}$ chosen plaintexts
[Resource Topic] 2019/675: Balance: Dynamic Adjustment of Cryptocurrency Deposits
[Resource Topic] 2019/657: Multi-Party PSM, Revisited: Improved Communication and Unbalanced Communication
[Resource Topic] 2019/660: Lattice Gaussian Sampling by Markov Chain Monte Carlo: Bounded Distance Decoding and Trapdoor Sampling
[Resource Topic] 2019/662: Generalized Proofs of Knowledge with Fully Dynamic Setup
[Resource Topic] 2019/678: A Modified pqsigRM: RM Code-Based Signature Scheme
[Resource Topic] 2019/654: Concise Linkable Ring Signatures and Forgery Against Adversarial Keys
[Resource Topic] 2019/664: How Diversity Affects Deep-Learning Side-Channel Attacks
[Resource Topic] 2019/661: Mind the Portability: A Warriors Guide through Realistic Profiled Side-channel Analysis
[Resource Topic] 2019/666: On the Geometric Ergodicity of Metropolis-Hastings Algorithms for Lattice Gaussian Sampling
[Resource Topic] 2019/669: Related-Key Boomerang Attacks on GIFT with Automated Trail Search Including BCT Effect
[Resource Topic] 2019/674: Polar Sampler: A Novel Bernoulli Sampler Using Polar Codes with Application to Integer Gaussian Sampling
[Resource Topic] 2019/676: Robust and Scalable Consensus for Sharded Distributed Ledgers
[Resource Topic] 2019/681: Lattice-based Cryptography for IoT in A Quantum World: Are We Ready?
[Resource Topic] 2020/1091: Ebb-and-Flow Protocols: A Resolution of the Availability-Finality Dilemma
[Resource Topic] 2020/1092: The Round Complexity of Secure Computation Against Covert Adversaries
[Resource Topic] 2019/685: Exploring NIST LWC/PQC Synergy with R5Sneik: How SNEIK 1.1 Algorithms were Designed to Support Round5
[Resource Topic] 2019/671: A Server-Assisted Hash-Based Signature Scheme
[Resource Topic] 2019/673: A New Approach to Constructing Digital Signature Schemes (Extended Paper)
[Resource Topic] 2019/686: On the Complexity of Collision Resistant Hash Functions: New and Old Black-Box Separations
[Resource Topic] 2019/691: Comparing proofs of security for lattice-based encryption
[Resource Topic] 2019/715: On the Security of Lattice-based Fiat-Shamir Signatures in the Presence of Randomness Leakage
[Resource Topic] 2019/684: Revelio: A MimbleWimble Proof of Reserves Protocol
[Resource Topic] 2019/689: On-Device Power Analysis Across Hardware Security Domains
[Resource Topic] 2019/690: Multiple-Differential Mechanism for Collision-Optimized Divide-and-Conquer Attacks
[Resource Topic] 2019/683: The Notion of Transparency Order, Revisited
[Resource Topic] 2019/687: General Linear Group Action on Tensors: A Candidate for Post-Quantum Cryptography
[Resource Topic] 2019/693: Security-Efficiency Tradeoffs in Searchable Encryption -- Lower Bounds and Optimal Constructions
[Resource Topic] 2019/694: A Unified and Composable Take on Ratcheting
[Resource Topic] 2019/695: An Efficient Secure Three-Party Sorting Protocol with an Honest Majority
[Resource Topic] 2019/696: Black-Box Language Extension of Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Arguments
[Resource Topic] 2019/698: A Formal Treatment of Deterministic Wallets
[Resource Topic] 2019/700: SAEB: A Lightweight Blockcipher-Based AEAD Mode of Operation
[Resource Topic] 2019/701: Decentralized Multi-authority Anonymous Authentication for Global Identities with Non-interactive Proofs
[Resource Topic] 2019/703: A Cautionary Note Regarding the Usage of Leakage Detection Tests in Security Evaluation
[Resource Topic] 2019/705: Commodity-Based 2PC for Arithmetic Circuits
[Resource Topic] 2019/706: Endemic Oblivious Transfer
[Resource Topic] 2019/709: Secure Computation for Cloud data Storage
[Resource Topic] 2019/773: Efficient Secure Ridge Regression from Randomized Gaussian Elimination
[Resource Topic] 2020/1093: Mind the Propagation of States New Automatic Search Tool for Impossible Differentials and Impossible Polytopic Transitions (Full Version)
[Resource Topic] 2020/1095: Cycle structure of generalized and closed loop invariants
[Resource Topic] 2020/1096: Far Field EM Side-Channel Attack on AES Using Deep Learning
[Resource Topic] 2019/712: SimpleENC and SimpleENCsmall -- an Authenticated Encryption Mode for the Lightweight Setting
[Resource Topic] 2020/1094: TN-IDS for Network Layer Attacks in RPL based IoT Systems
[Resource Topic] 2019/717: Homomorphism learning problems and its applications to public-key cryptography
[Resource Topic] 2020/1097: How to Build Optimally Secure PRFs Using Block Ciphers
[Resource Topic] 2019/721: Optimized SIKE Round 2 on 64-bit ARM
[Resource Topic] 2019/722: Neural Network Model Assessment for Side-Channel Analysis
[Resource Topic] 2019/723: On Deploying Secure Computing: Private Intersection-Sum-with-Cardinality
[Resource Topic] 2019/725: He Gives C-Sieves on the CSIDH
[Resource Topic] 2019/713: Public Ledger for Sensitive Data
[Resource Topic] 2019/726: A Framework for Universally Composable Oblivious Transfer from One-Round Key-Exchange
[Resource Topic] 2019/727: Iterative Differential Characteristic of TRIFLE-BC
[Resource Topic] 2019/728: Verifying Solutions to LWE with Implications for Concrete Security
[Resource Topic] 2019/731: On the Complexity of ``Superdetermined'' Minrank Instances
[Resource Topic] 2019/736: Onion Ring ORAM: Efficient Constant Bandwidth Oblivious RAM from (Leveled) TFHE
[Resource Topic] 2019/737: Highly Efficient Key Exchange Protocols with Optimal Tightness -- Enabling real-world deployments with theoretically sound parameters
[Resource Topic] 2019/739: A Survey on Authenticated Encryption -- ASIC Designer's Perspective
[Resource Topic] 2019/740: A Secure Publish/Subscribe Protocol for Internet of Things
[Resource Topic] 2019/718: Improved Building Blocks for Secure Multi-Party Computation based on Secret Sharing with Honest Majority
[Resource Topic] 2019/734: From Usability to Secure Computing and Back Again
[Resource Topic] 2019/745: Efficient Perfectly Sound One-message Zero-Knowledge Proofs via Oracle-aided Simulation
[Resource Topic] 2019/746: Public-Key Function-Private Hidden Vector Encryption (and More)
[Resource Topic] 2019/747: Efficient Lattice-Based Zero-Knowledge Arguments with Standard Soundness: Construction and Applications
[Resource Topic] 2019/748: Temporary Censorship Attacks in the Presence of Rational Miners
[Resource Topic] 2019/754: Is it Easier to Prove Theorems that are Guaranteed to be True?
[Resource Topic] 2019/755: Generic Attacks on Hash Combiners
[Resource Topic] 2019/761: Athena: A verifiable, coercion-resistant voting system with linear complexity
[Resource Topic] 2019/792: TICK: Tiny Client for Blockchains
[Resource Topic] 2020/1098: Formalizing Bitcoin Crashes with Universally Composable Security
[Resource Topic] 2019/741: Comprehensive security analysis of CRAFT
[Resource Topic] 2020/1099: Unbounded HIBE with Tight Security
[Resource Topic] 2020/110: Blazing Fast OT for Three-Round UC OT Extension
[Resource Topic] 2019/758: Genus 2 Supersingular Isogeny Oblivious Transfer
[Resource Topic] 2019/807: When PKI (finally) met Provable Security
[Resource Topic] 2019/759: Code Constructions for Physical Unclonable Functions and Biometric Secrecy Systems
[Resource Topic] 2019/760: Differential Fault Analysis of NORX
[Resource Topic] 2019/764: The Adversarial Robustness of Sampling
[Resource Topic] 2019/769: Exploiting Determinism in Lattice-based Signatures - Practical Fault Attacks on pqm4 Implementations of NIST candidates
[Resource Topic] 2019/771: DDH-based Multisignatures with Public Key Aggregation
[Resource Topic] 2019/765: SPQCop: Side-channel protected Post-Quantum Cryptoprocessor
[Resource Topic] 2019/772: Mixture Integral Attacks on Reduced-Round AES with a Known/Secret S-Box
[Resource Topic] 2019/770: Practical Attacks on Reduced-Round AES
[Resource Topic] 2019/775: Pay To Win: Cheap, Crowdfundable, Cross-chain Algorithmic Incentive Manipulation Attacks on PoW Cryptocurrencies
[Resource Topic] 2019/776: Scalable Private Set Union from Symmetric-Key Techniques
[Resource Topic] 2020/1101: NC-Max: Breaking the Security-Performance Tradeoff in Nakamoto Consensus
[Resource Topic] 2019/780: Statistical ZAP Arguments
[Resource Topic] 2019/781: BBQ: Using AES in Picnic Signatures
[Resource Topic] 2019/779: Seems Legit: Automated Analysis of Subtle Attacks on Protocols that Use Signatures
[Resource Topic] 2019/783: Dissecting the CHES 2018 AES Challenge
[Resource Topic] 2019/777: A Reduction-Based Proof for Authentication and Session Key Security in 3-Party Kerberos
[Resource Topic] 2019/784: Towards a Hybrid Public Key Infrastructure (PKI): A Review
[Resource Topic] 2019/786: P6V2G: A Privacy-Preserving V2G Scheme for Two-Way Payments and Reputation
[Resource Topic] 2019/787: Optimized implementation of the NIST PQC submission ROLLO on microcontroller
[Resource Topic] 2019/789: Relation between o-equivalence and EA-equivalence for Niho bent functions
[Resource Topic] 2019/791: Sublattice Attacks on LWE over Arbitrary Number Field Lattices
[Resource Topic] 2019/793: On equivalence between known families of quadratic APN functions
[Resource Topic] 2019/794: Efficient Cryptography on the RISC-V Architecture
[Resource Topic] 2020/1104: High-Assurance Cryptography Software in the Spectre Era
[Resource Topic] 2020/1105: Catalic: Delegated PSI Cardinality with Applications to Contact Tracing
[Resource Topic] 2020/1196: TR-31 and AS 2805 (Non)equivalence report
[Resource Topic] 2020/1106: Accumulators in (and Beyond) Generic Groups: Non-Trivial Batch Verification Requires Interaction
[Resource Topic] 2020/1107: Scalable Ciphertext Compression Techniques for Post-Quantum KEMs and their Applications
[Resource Topic] 2019/799: Breaking the Lightweight Secure PUF: Understanding the Relation of Input Transformations and Machine Learning Resistance
[Resource Topic] 2019/804: Improved Low-Memory Subset Sum and LPN Algorithms via Multiple Collisions
[Resource Topic] 2019/798: A Generic Construction for Revocable Identity-Based Encryption with Subset Difference Methods
[Resource Topic] 2020/1277: A Simple Protocol to Compare EMFI Platforms
[Resource Topic] 2019/801: A Chosen Random Value Attack on WPA3 SAE authentication protocol
[Resource Topic] 2019/808: 2-Message Publicly Verifiable WI from (Subexponential) LWE
[Resource Topic] 2019/805: RRTxFM: Probabilistic Counting for Differentially Private Statistics
[Resource Topic] 2020/1141: A post-quantum signature scheme from the secant variety of the Grassmannian
[Resource Topic] 2019/814: Faster Subgroup Checks for BLS12-381
[Resource Topic] 2019/816: Crisis: Probabilistically Self Organizing Total Order in Unstructured P2P Networks
[Resource Topic] 2019/817: Non-zero Inner Product Encryptions: Strong Security under Standard Assumptions
[Resource Topic] 2020/1166: A Differential and Linear Analysis of the Inversion Mapping in Odd-Characteristic Finite Fields
[Resource Topic] 2019/819: Blindfolded Evaluation of Random Forests with Multi-Key Homomorphic Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2019/820: Universal Location Referencing and Homomorphic Evaluation of Geospatial Query
[Resource Topic] 2019/821: Towards Forward Secure Internet Traffic
[Resource Topic] 2019/824: Hardware Implementations of NIST Lightweight Cryptographic Candidates: A First Look
[Resource Topic] 2019/811: SEAL: Attack Mitigation for Encrypted Databases via Adjustable Leakage
[Resource Topic] 2019/826: Modular Multiplication Algorithm Suitable For Low-Latency Circuit Implementations
[Resource Topic] 2019/827: k-root-n: An efficient algorithm for avoiding short term double-spending alongside distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain
[Resource Topic] 2019/830: The Simplest Multi-key Linearly Homomorphic Signature Scheme
[Resource Topic] 2019/831: Privacy of Stateful RFID Systems with Constant Tag Identifiers
[Resource Topic] 2019/832: Asymptotically-Good Arithmetic Secret Sharing over Z/(p^\ell Z) with Strong Multiplication and Its Applications to Efficient MPC
[Resource Topic] 2019/834: Succinct Arguments in the Quantum Random Oracle Model
[Resource Topic] 2019/835: ACE: Asynchronous and Concurrent Execution of Complex Smart Contracts
[Resource Topic] 2019/838: Ouroboros Chronos: Permissionless Clock Synchronization via Proof-of-Stake
[Resource Topic] 2019/839: Statistical Zap Arguments from Quasi-Polynomial LWE
[Resource Topic] 2019/828: Optimal Collision Side-Channel Attacks
[Resource Topic] 2019/840: A Study on the Applicability of the Lesamnta-LW Lightweight Hash Function to TPMS
[Resource Topic] 2019/842: Improved SIMD Implementation of Poly1305
[Resource Topic] 2019/843: How to Construct CSIDH on Edwards Curves
[Resource Topic] 2019/845: A Reaction Attack against Cryptosystems based on LRPC Codes
[Resource Topic] 2019/846: Practical Attribute Based Inner Product Functional Encryption from Simple Assumptions
[Resource Topic] 2019/847: Improved Heuristics for Short Linear Programs
[Resource Topic] 2019/848: Observations on the DLCT and Absolute Indicators
[Resource Topic] 2020/1109: Karatsuba-based square-root Vélu’s formulas applied to two isogeny-based protocols
[Resource Topic] 2020/1110: Two-round $n$-out-of-$n$ and Multi-Signatures and Trapdoor Commitment from Lattices
[Resource Topic] 2020/1312: Individual Simulations
[Resource Topic] 2019/841: Practical Cryptanalysis of k-ary C*
[Resource Topic] 2020/1111: Extending the Signed Non-zero Bit and Sign-Aligned Columns Methods to General Bases for Use in Cryptography
[Resource Topic] 2020/1112: A cautionary note on the use of Gurobi for cryptanalysis
[Resource Topic] 2019/852: Weak-Key Distinguishers for AES
[Resource Topic] 2020/111: Adaptively Secure Constrained Pseudorandom Functions in the Standard Model
[Resource Topic] 2019/854: Reducing the Cost of Implementing AES as a Quantum Circuit
[Resource Topic] 2019/856: More results on Shortest Linear Programs
[Resource Topic] 2019/857: Bitcontracts: Supporting Smart Contracts in Legacy Blockchains
[Resource Topic] 2020/1115: SiliconToaster: A Cheap and Programmable EM Injector for Extracting Secrets
[Resource Topic] 2020/1113: On combinatorial approaches to search for quadratic APN functions
[Resource Topic] 2019/853: A critique of game-based definitions of receipt-freeness for voting
[Resource Topic] 2019/859: A Coin-Free Oracle-Based Augmented Black Box Framework
[Resource Topic] 2020/1118: Approximate Homomorphic Encryption with Reduced Approximation Error
[Resource Topic] 2019/863: Fast Actively Secure Five-Party Computation with Security Beyond Abort
[Resource Topic] 2019/184: Face-off between the CAESAR Lightweight Finalists: ACORN vs. Ascon
[Resource Topic] 2019/869: ProtectIOn: Root-of-Trust for IO in Compromised Platforms
[Resource Topic] 2019/870: The Eleventh Power Residue Symbol
[Resource Topic] 2020/1116: On Multivariate Algorithms of Digital Signatures Based on Maps of Unbounded Degree Acting on Secure El Gamal Type Mode
[Resource Topic] 2020/1119: All the Numbers are US: Large-scale Abuse of Contact Discovery in Mobile Messengers
[Resource Topic] 2019/860: Machine learning and side channel analysis in a CTF competition
[Resource Topic] 2019/872: Efficient Information-Theoretic Secure Multiparty Computation over $\mathbb{Z}/p^k \mathbb{Z}$ via Galois Rings
[Resource Topic] 2019/875: Quantum Alice and Silent Bob: Qubit-based Quantum Key Recycling with almost no classical communication
[Resource Topic] 2019/877: Blind Schnorr Signatures and Signed ElGamal Encryption in the Algebraic Group Model
[Resource Topic] 2019/878: Algebraically Structured LWE, Revisited
[Resource Topic] 2019/879: Cube-Based Cryptanalysis of Subterranean-SAE
[Resource Topic] 2019/880: A Blockchain-Based Access Control Scheme for Smart Grids
[Resource Topic] 2019/882: Modifying The Tropical Version of Stickel’s Key Exchange Protocol
[Resource Topic] 2019/896: On the optionality and fairness of Atomic Swaps
[Resource Topic] 2019/871: Non-Locality and Zero-Knowledge MIPs
[Resource Topic] 2020/1122: The Velvet Path to Superlight Blockchain Clients
[Resource Topic] 2019/948: Generic Side-channel attacks on CCA-secure lattice-based PKE and KEM schemes
[Resource Topic] 2020/1327: On The Insider Security of MLS
[Resource Topic] 2019/885: On the alpha value of polynomials in the tower number field sieve algorithm
[Resource Topic] 2020/1123: Fixslicing AES-like Ciphers: New bitsliced AES speed records on ARM-Cortex M and RISC-V
[Resource Topic] 2019/887: Accelerating V2X Cryptography through Batch Operations
[Resource Topic] 2019/888: Weak Keys in the Rekeying Paradigm: Application to COMET and mixFeed
[Resource Topic] 2019/889: Securing DNSSEC Keys via Threshold ECDSA From Generic MPC
[Resource Topic] 2019/891: Shielded Computations in Smart Contracts Overcoming Forks
[Resource Topic] 2019/893: New Efficient, Constant-Time Implementations of Falcon
[Resource Topic] 2019/894: BioID: a Privacy-Friendly Identity Document
[Resource Topic] 2019/884: Cryptanalysis of Round-Reduced KECCAK using Non-Linear Structures
[Resource Topic] 2019/895: The Singularity Attack to the Multivariate Signature Scheme Himq-3
[Resource Topic] 2019/897: On inverse protocols of Post Quantum Cryptography based on pairs of noncommutative multivariate platforms used in tandem
[Resource Topic] 2020/1142: Factoring Algorithm Based on Parameterized Newton Method
[Resource Topic] 2019/898: One Bit is All It Takes: A Devastating Timing Attack on BLISS’s Non-Constant Time Sign Flips
[Resource Topic] 2019/903: Probabilistic analysis on Macaulay matrices over finite fields and complexity of constructing Gröbner bases
[Resource Topic] 2019/906: Efficient and secure software implementations of Fantomas
[Resource Topic] 2019/907: Practical Forgery Attacks on Limdolen and HERN
[Resource Topic] 2019/908: Simulation-Sound Arguments for LWE and Applications to KDM-CCA2 Security
[Resource Topic] 2020/1342: Forward and Backward Private Conjunctive Searchable Symmetric Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2019/902: Fractional LWE: a nonlinear variant of LWE
[Resource Topic] 2020/1143: Rescue-Prime: a Standard Specification (SoK)
[Resource Topic] 2019/911: IoT-Friendly AKE: Forward Secrecy and Session Resumption Meet Symmetric-Key Cryptography
[Resource Topic] 2019/912: Fine-Grained Forward Secrecy: Allow-List/Deny-List Encryption and Applications
[Resource Topic] 2019/914: Composable and Finite Computational Security of Quantum Message Transmission
[Resource Topic] 2019/915: Unique Rabin-Williams Signature Scheme Decryption
[Resource Topic] 2019/918: Resolving the Trilemma in Logic Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2019/921: Tree authenticated ephemeral keys
[Resource Topic] 2019/923: Automated Probe Repositioning for On-Die EM Measurements
[Resource Topic] 2019/937: Fault Template Attacks on Block Ciphers Exploiting Fault Propagation
[Resource Topic] 2019/920: Related-Key Differential Slide Attack Against Fountain V1
[Resource Topic] 2019/924: Your Money or Your Life---Modeling and Analyzing the Security of Electronic Payment in the UC Framework
[Resource Topic] 2019/925: Fully Auditable Privacy-preserving Cryptocurrency Against Malicious Auditors
[Resource Topic] 2019/926: Formal Verification of a Constant-Time Preserving C Compiler
[Resource Topic] 2019/932: Related-key Differential Cryptanalysis of Full Round CRAFT
[Resource Topic] 2019/929: On the Degree-Insensitive SI-GDH problem and assumption
[Resource Topic] 2019/930: Module-LWE versus Ring-LWE, Revisited
[Resource Topic] 2019/933: Low Entropy Key Negotiation Attacks on Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy
[Resource Topic] 2019/934: Linear Approximations of Random Functions and Permutations
[Resource Topic] 2019/936: SNEIK on Microcontrollers: AVR, ARMv7-M, and RISC-V with Custom Instructions
[Resource Topic] 2019/928: Blockchain-enabled Cryptographically-secure Hardware Obfuscation
[Resource Topic] 2019/946: Dynamically Obfuscated Scan Chain To Resist Oracle-Guided Attacks On Logic Locked Design
[Resource Topic] 2019/940: Security analysis of two lightweight certificateless signature schemes
[Resource Topic] 2019/945: A Key-Independent Distinguisher for 6-round AES in an Adaptive Setting
[Resource Topic] 2020/1124: Optimized Voronoi-based algorithms for parallel shortest vector computations
[Resource Topic] 2019/949: A Note on Parameter Choices of Round5
[Resource Topic] 2019/951: Collisions on Feistel-MiMC and univariate GMiMC
[Resource Topic] 2019/938: Low-Memory Attacks against Two-Round Even-Mansour using the 3-XOR Problem
[Resource Topic] 2019/952: Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge Proofs in the Random Oracle Model
[Resource Topic] 2019/943: Analysis of Nakamoto Consensus
[Resource Topic] 2019/958: Using SMT Solvers to Automate Chosen Ciphertext Attacks
[Resource Topic] 2019/954: CPA on Hardware Implementation of COLM Authenticated Cipher and Protect it with DOM Masking Scheme
[Resource Topic] 2019/956: Security of Hedged Fiat-Shamir Signatures under Fault Attacks
[Resource Topic] 2019/957: TaaS: Commodity MPC via Triples-as-a-Service
[Resource Topic] 2019/962: New Constructions of Hinting PRGs, OWFs with Encryption, and more
[Resource Topic] 2019/963: Faster homomorphic encryption is not enough: improved heuristic for multiplicative depth minimization of Boolean circuits
[Resource Topic] 2019/964: WI Is Not Enough: Zero-Knowledge Contingent (Service) Payments Revisited
[Resource Topic] 2019/961: Computing across Trust Boundaries using Distributed Homomorphic Cryptography
[Resource Topic] 2019/965: Beyond Security and Efficiency: On-Demand Ratcheting with Security Awareness
[Resource Topic] 2019/967: On NIST's Compression Estimate Test
[Resource Topic] 2019/971: Verifpal: Cryptographic Protocol Analysis for the Real World
[Resource Topic] 2019/973: On the Non-Existence of Short Vectors in Random Module Lattices
[Resource Topic] 2019/976: Towards real-time hidden speaker recognition by means of fully homomorphic encryption
[Resource Topic] 2019/977: Non-malleable Zero-Knowledge Arguments with Lower Round Complexity
[Resource Topic] 2020/036: Analysis on Aigis-Enc: asymmetrical and symmetrical
[Resource Topic] 2019/978: Strength in Numbers: Improving Generalization with Ensembles in Profiled Side-channel Analysis
[Resource Topic] 2020/1125: High-Speed FPGA Implementation of SIKE Based on An Ultra-Low-Latency Modular Multiplier
[Resource Topic] 2020/1126: Bitcoin-Monero Cross-chain Atomic Swap
[Resource Topic] 2020/1127: SideLine: How Delay-Lines (May) Leak Secrets from your SoC
[Resource Topic] 2019/984: Collusion Resistant Trace-and-Revoke for Arbitrary Identities from Standard Assumptions
[Resource Topic] 2020/1130: Secure training of decision trees with continuous attributes
[Resource Topic] 2019/980: New Approaches to Traitor Tracing with Embedded Identities
[Resource Topic] 2019/986: Outpost: A Responsive Lightweight Watchtower
[Resource Topic] 2019/987: Subverting Decryption in AEAD
[Resource Topic] 2019/988: RAMPARTS: A Programmer-Friendly System for Building Homomorphic Encryption Applications
[Resource Topic] 2020/1129: A Secure Software Defined Networking based Framework for IoT Networks
[Resource Topic] 2020/1131: Several classes of minimal binary linear codes violating the Aschikhmin-Barg's bound
[Resource Topic] 2019/983: Graph Similarity and Its Applications to Hardware Security
[Resource Topic] 2020/113: New Discrete Logarithm Computation for the Medium Prime Case Using the Function Field Sieve
[Resource Topic] 2019/989: Substitution Attacks against Message Authentication
[Resource Topic] 2019/996: Pseudorandom Black Swans: Cache Attacks on CTR_DRBG
[Resource Topic] 2019/993: Private Set Relations with Bloom Filters for Outsourced SLA Validation
[Resource Topic] 2019/994: A new family of APN quadrinomials
[Resource Topic] 2019/997: On the (In)security of Kilian-Based SNARGs
[Resource Topic] 2019/995: Blackbox Constructions from Mix-Nets
[Resource Topic] 2020/001: Elliptic Curves of Nearly Prime Order
[Resource Topic] 2020/002: On a Conjecture of O'Donnell
[Resource Topic] 2020/006: Tight and Optimal Reductions for Signatures based on Average Trapdoor Preimage Sampleable Functions and Applications to Code-Based Signatures
[Resource Topic] 2020/007: On Lattice-Based Interactive Protocols: An Approach with Less or No Aborts
[Resource Topic] 2020/009: Efficient Elliptic Curve Operations On Microcontrollers With Finite Field Extensions
[Resource Topic] 2020/011: Towards Vehicular Digital Forensics from Decentralized Trust: An Accountable, Privacy-preservation, and Secure Realization
[Resource Topic] 2020/012: Cortex-M4 Optimizations for \{R,M\}LWE Schemes
[Resource Topic] 2019/999: On the Fast Algebraic Immunity of Majority Functions
[Resource Topic] 2020/005: Lai-Massey Scheme Revisited
[Resource Topic] 2020/014: SHA-1 is a Shambles - First Chosen-Prefix Collision on SHA-1 and Application to the PGP Web of Trust
[Resource Topic] 2020/015: Efficient Homomorphic Conversion Between (Ring) LWE Ciphertexts
[Resource Topic] 2020/020: Practical Encrypted Network Traffic Pattern Matching for Secure Middleboxes
[Resource Topic] 2020/017: Biometric-Authenticated Searchable Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/021: eSIDH: the revenge of the SIDH
[Resource Topic] 2020/022: Differential Random Fault Attacks on certain CAESAR Stream Ciphers (Supplementary Material)
[Resource Topic] 2020/023: Threshold Multi-Signature with an Offline Recovery Party
[Resource Topic] 2020/024: The Arwen Trading Protocols (Full Version)
[Resource Topic] 2020/025: Single Secret Leader Election
[Resource Topic] 2020/027: On Roots Factorization for PQC Algorithms
[Resource Topic] 2020/030: K-Cipher: A Low Latency, Bit Length Parameterizable Cipher
[Resource Topic] 2020/026: Post-Quantum Secure Architectures for Automotive Hardware Secure Modules
[Resource Topic] 2021/894: History of Cryptographic Key Sizes
[Resource Topic] 2020/033: Scalable Open-Vote Network on Ethereum
[Resource Topic] 2020/032: A New Approach for the Implementation of Binary Matrices Using SLP Applications
[Resource Topic] 2020/034: SkyEye: A Traceable Scheme for Blockchain
[Resource Topic] 2020/035: Constant-round Dynamic Group Key Exchange from RLWE Assumption
[Resource Topic] 2020/037: Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Protocols with Near-Optimal Throughput
[Resource Topic] 2020/038: Bitstream Modification Attack on SNOW 3G
[Resource Topic] 2020/040: A Compact and Scalable Hardware/Software Co-design of SIKE
[Resource Topic] 2020/071: Post-Quantum Authentication in TLS 1.3: A Performance Study
[Resource Topic] 2020/041: Consistency of Proof-of-Stake Blockchains with Concurrent Honest Slot Leaders
[Resource Topic] 2020/042: BLAZE: Blazing Fast Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning
[Resource Topic] 2020/043: Zone Encryption with Anonymous Authentication for V2V Communication
[Resource Topic] 2020/045: Pragmatic Authenticated Key Agreement for IEEE Std 802.15.6
[Resource Topic] 2020/046: On Analysis of Lightweight Stream Ciphers with Keyed Update
[Resource Topic] 2020/049: ISA Extensions for Finite Field Arithmetic - Accelerating Kyber and NewHope on RISC-V
[Resource Topic] 2020/051: Low-Latency Hardware Masking with Application to AES
[Resource Topic] 2020/053: Security Analysis Against "A New Encryption Scheme for Multivariate Quadratic Systems"
[Resource Topic] 2020/054: Parameterized Hardware Accelerators for Lattice-Based Cryptography and Their Application to the HW/SW Co-Design of qTESLA
[Resource Topic] 2020/1044: A Cryptographic Analysis of the TLS 1.3 Handshake Protocol
[Resource Topic] 2020/1089: Improved Attacks on sLiSCP Permutation and Tight Bound of Limited Birthday Distinguishers
[Resource Topic] 2020/1023: Post-Quantum Anonymous Veto Networks
[Resource Topic] 2020/048: Practical Searchable Symmetric Encryption Supporting Conjunctive Queries without Keyword Pair Result Pattern Leakage
[Resource Topic] 2020/052: Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round Tweakable TWINE
[Resource Topic] 2020/1108: Radical isogenies
[Resource Topic] 2020/1114: Did you mix me? Formally Verifying Verifiable Mix Nets in Electronic Voting
[Resource Topic] 2020/1120: On the security of Diene-Thabet-Yusuf's cubic multivariate signature scheme
[Resource Topic] 2020/057: On the smoothing parameter and last minimum of random orthogonal lattices
[Resource Topic] 2020/058: Learning when to stop: a mutual information approach to fight overfitting in profiled side-channel analysis
[Resource Topic] 2020/061: Simple Schnorr Signature with Pedersen Commitment as Key
[Resource Topic] 2020/062: Lift-and-Shift: Obtaining Simulation Extractable Subversion and Updatable SNARKs Generically
[Resource Topic] 2020/063: Attack on LAC Key Exchange in Misuse Situation
[Resource Topic] 2020/068: Further Clarification on Mantin's Digraph Repetition Bias in RC4
[Resource Topic] 2020/069: RSA and redactable blockchains
[Resource Topic] 2020/070: On Instantiating the Algebraic Group Model from Falsifiable Assumptions
[Resource Topic] 2020/059: ARX-KW, a family of key wrapping constructions using SipHash and ChaCha
[Resource Topic] 2020/072: Anonymous Tokens with Private Metadata Bit
[Resource Topic] 2020/073: Anonymous Symmetric-Key Communication
[Resource Topic] 2020/074: Rolling up sleeves when subversion's in a field?
[Resource Topic] 2020/075: Memory-Tight Reductions for Practical Key Encapsulation Mechanisms
[Resource Topic] 2020/077: Improved Quantum Circuits for Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithms
[Resource Topic] 2020/065: A Performant, Misuse-Resistant API for Primality Testing
[Resource Topic] 2020/082: Random Walks and Concurrent Zero-Knowledge
[Resource Topic] 2020/079: Exploring HTTPS Security Inconsistencies: A Cross-Regional Perspective
[Resource Topic] 2020/083: Metal: A Metadata-Hiding File-Sharing System
[Resource Topic] 2020/084: Bandwidth-efficient threshold EC-DSA
[Resource Topic] 2020/089: The MILP-Aided Conditional Differential Attack and Its Application to Trivium
[Resource Topic] 2020/086: Bootstrapping in FHEW-like Cryptosystems
[Resource Topic] 2020/091: Enabling Faster Operations for Deeper Circuits in Full RNS Variants of FV-like Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/092: Overcoming Impossibility Results in Composable Security using Interval-Wise Guarantees
[Resource Topic] 2020/093: A New Paradigm for Public-Key Functional Encryption for Degree-2 Polynomials
[Resource Topic] 2020/085: Phantom of the ADAS: Phantom Attacks on Driver-Assistance Systems
[Resource Topic] 2020/094: On the Profitability of Selfish Mining Against Multiple Difficulty Adjustment Algorithms
[Resource Topic] 2020/097: Research on OpenSSL Elliptic Curves for Compliance with the Russian National Digital Signature Standard
[Resource Topic] 2020/098: Improved key recovery on the Legendre PRF
[Resource Topic] 2020/1012: Compact, Efficient and UC-Secure Isogeny-Based Oblivious Transfer
[Resource Topic] 2020/099: Many a Mickle Makes a Muckle: A Framework for Provably Quantum-Secure Hybrid Key Exchange
[Resource Topic] 2020/100: A direct proof of APN-ness of the Kasami functions
[Resource Topic] 2020/1008: Differential Power Analysis Attacks on Different Implementations of AES with the ChipWhisperer Nano
[Resource Topic] 2020/1006: An Analysis of Fault Attacks on CSIDH
[Resource Topic] 2020/1009: Obfuscating Finite Automata
[Resource Topic] 2020/1002: CrypTFlow2: Practical 2-Party Secure Inference
[Resource Topic] 2020/1000: Mechanised Models and Proofs for Distance-Bounding
[Resource Topic] 2020/1001: Robust distributed symmetric-key encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/1011: Private Join and Compute from PIR with Default
[Resource Topic] 2020/101: A Survey of Subscription Privacy on the 5G Radio Interface - The Past, Present and Future
[Resource Topic] 2020/1018: Small Superset and Big Subset Obfuscation
[Resource Topic] 2020/1020: Towards Classical Hardness of Module-LWE: The Linear Rank Case
[Resource Topic] 2020/1021: Consensus Redux: Distributed Ledgers in the Face of Adversarial Supremacy
[Resource Topic] 2020/1022: Polynomial IOPs for Linear Algebra Relations
[Resource Topic] 2020/1014: GANRED: GAN-based Reverse Engineering of DNNs via Cache Side-Channel
[Resource Topic] 2020/1017: Governance framework for Quipuswap - automated decentralized exchange
[Resource Topic] 2020/1013: A Study on Privacy-Preserving GRU Inference Framework
[Resource Topic] 2020/102: New Related-Tweakey Boomerang and Rectangle Attacks on Deoxys-BC Including BDT Effect
[Resource Topic] 2020/1024: Factoring and Pairings are not Necessary for iO: Circular-Secure LWE Suffices
[Resource Topic] 2020/1025: A Bit-Vector Differential Model for the Modular Addition by a Constant
[Resource Topic] 2020/1026: Simple and Efficient FE for Quadratic Functions
[Resource Topic] 2020/1030: Quantum Collision Attacks on AES-like Hashing with Low Quantum Random Access Memories
[Resource Topic] 2020/1032: Cryptanalysis of the MALICIOUS Framework
[Resource Topic] 2020/1033: RandChain: A Scalable and Fair Decentralised Randomness Beacon
[Resource Topic] 2020/1034: Cryptanalysis of Full LowMC and LowMC-M with Algebraic Techniques
[Resource Topic] 2020/103: Improved Related-Tweakey Rectangle Attacks on Reduced-round Deoxys-BC-384 and Deoxys-I-256-128
[Resource Topic] 2020/1031: Profiled Deep Learning Side-Channel Attack on a Protected Arbiter PUF Combined with Bitstream Modification
[Resource Topic] 2020/1028: Secure Data Hiding for Contact Tracing
[Resource Topic] 2020/1038: On Configurable SCA Countermeasures Against Single Trace Attacks for the NTT - A Performance Evaluation Study over Kyber and Dilithium on the ARM Cortex-M4
[Resource Topic] 2020/1040: MoSS: Modular Security Specifications Framework
[Resource Topic] 2020/1043: Minimal Symmetric PAKE and 1-out-of-N OT from Programmable-Once Public Functions
[Resource Topic] 2020/1045: On the Security Margin of TinyJAMBU with Refined Differential and Linear Cryptanalysis
[Resource Topic] 2020/104: On the Security Goals of White-Box Cryptography
[Resource Topic] 2020/1048: An Algebraic Formulation of the Division Property: Revisiting Degree Evaluations, Cube Attacks, and Key-Independent Sums
[Resource Topic] 2020/105: MCU intrinsic group features for component authentication
[Resource Topic] 2020/1042: Candidate Obfuscation via Oblivious LWE Sampling
[Resource Topic] 2020/1050: On the Exact Round Complexity of Best-of-both-Worlds Multi-party Computation
[Resource Topic] 2020/1049: Rotational analysis of ChaCha permutation
[Resource Topic] 2020/1051: Lower Bounds on the Degree of Block Ciphers
[Resource Topic] 2020/1267: Fault Attacks In Symmetric Key Cryptosystems
[Resource Topic] 2019/159: MPC with Synchronous Security and Asynchronous Responsiveness
[Resource Topic] 2020/1054: Mind the Gap: Individual- and universal-verifiability plus cast-as-intended don't yield verifiable voting systems
[Resource Topic] 2020/1055: Synced Hash-Based Signatures: Post-Quantum Authentication in a Blockchain
[Resource Topic] 2020/1057: MuSig-DN: Schnorr Multi-Signatures with Verifiably Deterministic Nonces
[Resource Topic] 2020/1059: Incorrectly Generated RSA Keys: How To Recover Lost Plaintexts
[Resource Topic] 2020/106: Relaxed freshness in component authentication
[Resource Topic] 2020/1056: Automated enumeration of block cipher differentials: An optimized branch-and-bound GPU framework
[Resource Topic] 2020/1061: A new idea in response to fast correlation attacks on small-state stream ciphers
[Resource Topic] 2019/160: FPGA-based High-Performance Parallel Architecture for Homomorphic Computing on Encrypted Data
[Resource Topic] 2019/161: Understanding Optimizations and Measuring Performances of PBKDF2
[Resource Topic] 2019/162: A New Blockchain Proposal Supporting Multi-Stage Proof-of-Work
[Resource Topic] 2019/163: Fast Side-Channel Security Evaluation of ECC Implementations: Shortcut Formulas for Horizontal Side-channel Attacks against ECSM with the Montgomery ladder
[Resource Topic] 2019/164: Use your Brain! Arithmetic 3PC For Any Modulus with Active Security
[Resource Topic] 2019/165: libInterMAC: Beyond Confidentiality and Integrity in Practice
[Resource Topic] 2019/168: Profiling Side-channel Analysis in the Efficient Attacker Framework
[Resource Topic] 2019/169: Updatable Anonymous Credentials and Applications to Incentive Systems
[Resource Topic] 2019/172: Correlation of Quadratic Boolean Functions: Cryptanalysis of All Versions of Full MORUS
[Resource Topic] 2019/173: Shorter Quadratic QA-NIZK Proofs
[Resource Topic] 2019/174: Towards an Exponential Lower Bound for Secret Sharing
[Resource Topic] 2019/175: The Communication Complexity of Threshold Private Set Intersection
[Resource Topic] 2019/176: Homomorphic Encryption for Finite Automata
[Resource Topic] 2019/177: Genus Two Isogeny Cryptography
[Resource Topic] 2022/473: Understanding binary-Goppa decoding
[Resource Topic] 2019/185: Zero-Correlation Attacks on Tweakable Block Ciphers with Linear Tweakey Expansion
[Resource Topic] 2019/186: Re-thinking untraceability in the CryptoNote-style blockchain
[Resource Topic] 2019/187: Fully homomorphic encryption modulo Fermat numbers
[Resource Topic] 2019/188: Zero-Knowledge Proofs on Secret-Shared Data via Fully Linear PCPs
[Resource Topic] 2019/179: Synchronous, with a Chance of Partition Tolerance
[Resource Topic] 2020/1064: Mimblewimble Non-Interactive Transaction Scheme
[Resource Topic] 2019/189: An Intelligent Multiple Sieve Method Based on Genetic Algorithm and Correlation Power Analysis
[Resource Topic] 2019/190: Security of the Fiat-Shamir Transformation in the Quantum Random-Oracle Model
[Resource Topic] 2019/191: Zether: Towards Privacy in a Smart Contract World
[Resource Topic] 2019/193: Towards Low-Energy Leakage-Resistant Authenticated Encryption from the Duplex Sponge Construction
[Resource Topic] 2019/194: Classical zero-knowledge arguments for quantum computations
[Resource Topic] 2020/1132: A Logarithmic Lower Bound for Oblivious RAM (for all parameters)
[Resource Topic] 2020/1134: Back To The Basics: Seamless Integration of Side-Channel Pre-processing in Deep Neural Networks
[Resource Topic] 2019/192: An Omission-Tolerant Cryptographic Checksum
[Resource Topic] 2019/196: Ring Signatures: Logarithmic-Size, No Setup --- from Standard Assumptions
[Resource Topic] 2019/197: Non-interactive Cryptographic Timestamping based on Verifiable Delay Functions
[Resource Topic] 2019/199: Password-Authenticated Public-Key Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/1065: Machine-Learning assisted Side-Channel Attacks on RNS-based Elliptic Curve Implementations using Hybrid Feature Engineering
[Resource Topic] 2020/114: A Security Model and Fully Verified Implementation for the IETF QUIC Record Layer
[Resource Topic] 2020/1067: A Constant Time Full Hardware Implementation of Streamlined NTRU Prime
[Resource Topic] 2020/1069: Lunar: a Toolbox for More Efficient Universal and Updatable zkSNARKs and Commit-and-Prove Extensions
[Resource Topic] 2020/107: One-shot Signatures and Applications to Hybrid Quantum/Classical Authentication
[Resource Topic] 2020/1070: Efficient indifferentiable hashing to elliptic curves $y^2 = x^3 + b$ provided that $b$ is a quadratic residue
[Resource Topic] 2020/1138: Epochal Signatures for Deniable Group Chats
[Resource Topic] 2019/201: DL-Extractable UC-Commitment Schemes
[Resource Topic] 2019/198: Seedless Fruit is the Sweetest: Random Number Generation, Revisited
[Resource Topic] 2020/1071: On Pairing-Free Blind Signature Schemes in the Algebraic Group Model
[Resource Topic] 2020/1145: Improved Security Analysis for Nonce-based Enhanced Hash-then-Mask MACs
[Resource Topic] 2020/1146: Let's Tessellate: Tiling for Security Against Advanced Probe and Fault Adversaries
[Resource Topic] 2020/1148: An Area Aware Accelerator for Elliptic Curve Point Multiplication
[Resource Topic] 2020/1149: Deterministic Wallets in a Quantum World
[Resource Topic] 2020/1359: On two fundamental problems on APN power functions
[Resource Topic] 2020/1151: Raccoon Attack: Finding and Exploiting Most-Significant-Bit-Oracles in TLS-DH(E)
[Resource Topic] 2020/1152: An Automatic Search Tool for Iterative Trails and its Application to estimation of differentials and linear hulls
[Resource Topic] 2020/1153: Key Committing AEADs
[Resource Topic] 2020/115: A Verifiable and Practical Lattice-Based Decryption Mix Net with External Auditing
[Resource Topic] 2020/1159: ACE in Chains : How Risky is CBC Encryption of Binary Executable Files?
[Resource Topic] 2020/116: Separating Two-Round Secure Computation from Oblivious Transfer
[Resource Topic] 2020/1160: Characterizing Deterministic-Prover Zero Knowledge
[Resource Topic] 2020/1162: On Average-Case Hardness in TFNP from One-Way Functions
[Resource Topic] 2020/1163: Specifying cycles of minimal length for commonly used linear layers in block ciphers
[Resource Topic] 2020/1171: On the Price of Concurrency in Group Ratcheting Protocols
[Resource Topic] 2020/1172: Cryptanalysis of a round optimal lattice-based multisignature scheme
[Resource Topic] 2020/1174: Multi Random Projection Inner Product Encryption, Applications to Proximity Searchable Encryption for the Iris Biometric
[Resource Topic] 2020/1177: Differential Attacks on CRAFT Exploiting the Involutory S-boxes and Tweak Additions
[Resource Topic] 2020/1173: Equipping Public-Key Cryptographic Primitives with Watermarking (or: A Hole Is to Watermark)
[Resource Topic] 2020/1179: Optimal Broadcast Encryption from LWE and Pairings in the Standard Model
[Resource Topic] 2020/1180: MultiTLS: Secure communication channels with cipher suite diversity
[Resource Topic] 2020/1165: Practical Isogeny-Based Key-exchange with Optimal Tightness
[Resource Topic] 2020/1182: On the Round Complexity of the Shuffle Model
[Resource Topic] 2020/1183: Practical Lattice-Based Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Integer Relations
[Resource Topic] 2020/1187: Coupling of Random Systems
[Resource Topic] 2020/1188: Cryptographic Group Actions and Applications
[Resource Topic] 2020/1192: Architecture Correlation Analysis (ACA): Identifying the Source of Side-channel Leakage at Gate-level
[Resource Topic] 2020/1181: TinyGarble2: Smart, Efficient, and Scalable Yao’s Garble Circuit
[Resource Topic] 2020/1185: Lossiness and Entropic Hardness for Ring-LWE
[Resource Topic] 2020/1194: Quantum copy-protection of compute-and-compare programs in the quantum random oracle model
[Resource Topic] 2020/120: The randomized slicer for CVPP: sharper, faster, smaller, batchier
[Resource Topic] 2020/1201: Algebraic Key-Recovery Attacks on Reduced-Round Xoofff
[Resource Topic] 2020/1203: Efficient Bootstrapping for Approximate Homomorphic Encryption with Non-Sparse Keys
[Resource Topic] 2020/1204: Single-to-Multi-Theorem Transformations for Non-Interactive Statistical Zero-Knowledge
[Resource Topic] 2020/1205: Towards Non-Interactive Witness Hiding
[Resource Topic] 2020/1304: QCB: Efficient Quantum-secure Authenticated Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/1210: Non-Committing Encryption with Constant Ciphertext Expansion from Standard Assumptions
[Resource Topic] 2020/1206: Frontrunning on Automated Decentralized Exchange in Proof Of Stake Environment
[Resource Topic] 2020/1213: Expected-Time Cryptography: Generic Techniques and Applications to Concrete Soundness
[Resource Topic] 2020/1214: Cryptanalysis of RSA: A Special Case of Boneh-Durfee’s Attack
[Resource Topic] 2020/1215: Differential analysis of the ZUC-256 initialisation
[Resource Topic] 2020/1217: R-Propping of HK17: Upgrade for a Detached Proposal of NIST PQC First Round Survey
[Resource Topic] 2020/1218: Interactive Aggregate Message Authentication Equipped with Detecting Functionality from Adaptive Group Testing
[Resource Topic] 2020/1216: Polynomial Multiplication in NTRU Prime: Comparison of Optimization Strategies on Cortex-M4
[Resource Topic] 2020/1221: Verifiable Functional Encryption using Intel SGX
[Resource Topic] 2020/1222: Practical Post-Quantum Few-Time Verifiable Random Function with Applications to Algorand
[Resource Topic] 2020/1220: The Topographic Signature (TopoSign) Protocol
[Resource Topic] 2020/1296: Concrete quantum cryptanalysis of binary elliptic curves
[Resource Topic] 2020/1224: Multi-Input Functional Encryption: Efficient Applications From Symmetric Primitives (extended version)
[Resource Topic] 2020/1225: ABY2.0: Improved Mixed-Protocol Secure Two-Party Computation
[Resource Topic] 2020/123: Zendoo: a zk-SNARK Verifiable Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol Enabling Decoupled and Decentralized Sidechains
[Resource Topic] 2020/1231: vault1317/signal-dakez: An authenticated key exchange protocol with a public key concealing and a participation deniability designed for secure messaging
[Resource Topic] 2020/1234: Impossibility on the Schnorr Signature from the One-more DL Assumption in the Non-programmable Random Oracle Model
[Resource Topic] 2020/1226: Synchronous Constructive Cryptography
[Resource Topic] 2020/1235: Assessing Lightweight Block Cipher Security using Linear and Nonlinear Machine Learning Classifiers
[Resource Topic] 2020/1232: On the Existence of Weak Keys for QC-MDPC Decoding
[Resource Topic] 2020/1233: BVOT: Self-Tallying Boardroom Voting with Oblivious Transfer
[Resource Topic] 2020/1236: Round-Efficient Byzantine Broadcast under Strongly Adaptive and Majority Corruptions
[Resource Topic] 2020/1238: Hardness of Entropic Module-LWE
[Resource Topic] 2020/1239: Authenticated Dictionaries with Cross-Incremental Proof (Dis)aggregation
[Resource Topic] 2020/124: Lossy CSI-FiSh: Efficient Signature Scheme with Tight Reduction to Decisional CSIDH-512
[Resource Topic] 2020/1240: SQISign: compact post-quantum signatures from quaternions and isogenies
[Resource Topic] 2020/1245: Two-round trip Schnorr multi-signatures via delinearized witnesses
[Resource Topic] 2020/1242: Improved (Related-key) Differential Cryptanalysis on GIFT
[Resource Topic] 2020/1243: A New Variant of Unbalanced Oil and Vinegar Using Quotient Ring: QR-UOV
[Resource Topic] 2020/1244: Taming the many EdDSAs
[Resource Topic] 2020/1247: Doubly Efficient Interactive Proofs for General Arithmetic Circuits with Linear Prover Time
[Resource Topic] 2020/1249: Adversarial Level Agreements for Two-Party Protocols
[Resource Topic] 2020/125: Oblivious Parallel Tight Compaction
[Resource Topic] 2020/1250: A New Code Based Signature Scheme without Trapdoors
[Resource Topic] 2020/1252: Adaptive Extractors and their Application to Leakage Resilient Secret Sharing
[Resource Topic] 2020/1253: New Representations of the AES Key Schedule
[Resource Topic] 2020/1248: Random-index PIR and Applications
[Resource Topic] 2020/1251: Bit Security Estimation Using Various Information-Theoretic Measures
[Resource Topic] 2020/1246: The Mother of All Leakages: How to Simulate Noisy Leakages via Bounded Leakage (Almost) for Free
[Resource Topic] 2020/1258: TranSCA: Cross-Family Profiled Side-Channel Attacks using Transfer Learning on Deep Neural Networks
[Resource Topic] 2020/1259: Correlated Randomness Teleportation via Semi-trusted Hardware - Enabling Silent Multi-party Computation
[Resource Topic] 2020/126: Public-Key Puncturable Encryption: Modular and Compact Constructions
[Resource Topic] 2020/1261: MuSig2: Simple Two-Round Schnorr Multi-Signatures
[Resource Topic] 2020/1265: Revisiting ECM on GPUs
[Resource Topic] 2020/1271: (F)unctional Sifting: A Privacy-Preserving Reputation System Through Multi-Input Functional Encryption (extended version)
[Resource Topic] 2020/1272: Bent Functions from Cellular Automata
[Resource Topic] 2020/1273: Classical Verification of Quantum Computations with Efficient Verifier
[Resource Topic] 2020/1274: Dory: Efficient, Transparent arguments for Generalised Inner Products and Polynomial Commitments
[Resource Topic] 2020/1275: Quarks: Quadruple-efficient transparent zkSNARKs
[Resource Topic] 2020/1266: Multi-Party Functional Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/1263: Improved Fault Analysis on SIMECK Ciphers
[Resource Topic] 2020/1262: Multi-stage Proof-of-Works: Properties and Vulnerabilities
[Resource Topic] 2020/1276: Lattice-based Key Sharing Schemes - A Survey
[Resource Topic] 2020/1279: Tightly-Secure Authenticated Key Exchange, Revisited
[Resource Topic] 2020/128: LegRoast: Efficient post-quantum signatures from the Legendre PRF
[Resource Topic] 2020/1280: DORY: An Encrypted Search System with Distributed Trust
[Resource Topic] 2020/1281: Key Agreement for Decentralized Secure Group Messaging with Strong Security Guarantees
[Resource Topic] 2020/1289: Sword: An Opaque Blockchain Protocol
[Resource Topic] 2020/1283: Sieving for twin smooth integers with solutions to the Prouhet-Tarry-Escott problem
[Resource Topic] 2020/1286: Secure Two-Party Quantum Computation Over Classical Channels
[Resource Topic] 2020/129: Encryption Schemes using Random Oracles: from Classical to Post-Quantum Security
[Resource Topic] 2020/1284: Entropy Estimation of Physically Unclonable Functions with Offset Error
[Resource Topic] 2020/1293: I Choose You: Automated Hyperparameter Tuning for Deep Learning-based Side-channel Analysis
[Resource Topic] 2020/1292: Optimal Oblivious Parallel RAM
[Resource Topic] 2020/130: Breaking the $O(\sqrt n)$-Bit Barrier: Byzantine Agreement with Polylog Bits Per Party
[Resource Topic] 2020/1294: Coco: Co-Design and Co-Verification of Masked Software Implementations on CPUs
[Resource Topic] 2020/1301: Robust Property-Preserving Hash Functions for Hamming Distance and More
[Resource Topic] 2020/1290: FORTIS: Selfish Mining Mitigation by (FOR)geable (TI)me(S)tamps
[Resource Topic] 2020/1302: TMVP-based Multiplication for Polynomial Quotient Rings and Application to Saber on ARM Cortex-M4
[Resource Topic] 2020/1298: Is Real-time Phishing Eliminated with FIDO? Social Engineering Downgrade Attacks against FIDO Protocols
[Resource Topic] 2020/1297: On the Effect of the (Micro)Architecture on the Development of Side-Channel Resistant Software
[Resource Topic] 2020/1303: Post-Quantum Cryptography with Contemporary Co-Processors: Beyond Kronecker, Schönhage-Strassen & Nussbaumer
[Resource Topic] 2020/1306: Simulation Extractable Versions of Groth’s zk-SNARK Revisited
[Resource Topic] 2020/1307: Multiparty Cardinality Testing for Threshold Private Set Intersection
[Resource Topic] 2020/1308: On the Success Probability of Solving Unique SVP via BKZ
[Resource Topic] 2020/131: Coin Tossing with Lazy Defense: Hardness of Computation Results
[Resource Topic] 2020/1310: A note on the low order assumption in class group of an imaginary quadratic number fields
[Resource Topic] 2020/1311: Cryptanalysis of Feistel-Based Format-Preserving Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/1314: Secure Software Leasing from Standard Assumptions
[Resource Topic] 2020/1313: Payment Trees: Low Collateral Payments for Payment Channel Networks
[Resource Topic] 2020/1318: Poppins: A Direct Construction for Asymptotically Optimal zkSNARKs
[Resource Topic] 2020/1319: On Succinct Arguments and Witness Encryption from Groups
[Resource Topic] 2020/132: Boosting Verifiable Computation on Encrypted Data
[Resource Topic] 2020/1321: Provably Quantum-Secure Tweakable Block Ciphers
[Resource Topic] 2020/1323: CSI-RAShi: Distributed key generation for CSIDH
[Resource Topic] 2020/1331: Efficient mixing of arbitrary ballots with everlasting privacy: How to verifiably mix the PPATC scheme
[Resource Topic] 2020/1330: Fantastic Four: Honest-Majority Four-Party Secure Computation With Malicious Security
[Resource Topic] 2020/1329: Adaptively secure Threshold Symmetric-key Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/1332: Protecting the Privacy of Voters: New Definitions of Ballot Secrecy for E-Voting
[Resource Topic] 2020/1328: SWiSSSE: System-Wide Security for Searchable Symmetric Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/1326: Towards Fine-Grained One-Way Functions from Strong Average-Case Hardness
[Resource Topic] 2020/1334: One-Shot Fiat-Shamir-based NIZK Arguments of Composite Residuosity and Logarithmic-Size Ring Signatures in the Standard Model
[Resource Topic] 2020/1335: Transciphering Framework for Approximate Homomorphic Encryption (Full Version)
[Resource Topic] 2020/1337: Multiplicative Depth Independent & Efficient MPC in the Presence of Mixed Adversary
[Resource Topic] 2020/1340: Homomorphic Evaluation of the SM4
[Resource Topic] 2020/1339: New Approaches for Quantum Copy-Protection
[Resource Topic] 2020/1341: Zero-Communication Reductions
[Resource Topic] 2020/134: Malicious Security Comes Free in Honest-Majority MPC
[Resource Topic] 2020/1320: WARP : Revisiting GFN for Lightweight 128-bit Block Cipher
[Resource Topic] 2020/1346: SodsMPC: FSM based Anonymous and Private Quantum-safe Smart Contracts
[Resource Topic] 2020/1357: Forward and Backward Private Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption for Conjunctive Queries
[Resource Topic] 2020/135: Threshold Ring Signatures: New Definitions and Post-Quantum Security
[Resource Topic] 2020/1350: Senate: A Maliciously-Secure MPC Platform for Collaborative Analytics
[Resource Topic] 2020/1351: Tight State-Restoration Soundness in the Algebraic Group Model
[Resource Topic] 2020/1352: Reducing Round Complexity of Byzantine Broadcast
[Resource Topic] 2020/1354: Gadget-Based iNTRU Lattice Trapdoors
[Resource Topic] 2020/1355: Modular Lagrange Interpolation of the Mod Function for Bootstrapping of Approximate HE
[Resource Topic] 2020/1358: Toward Provable One Way Functions
[Resource Topic] 2020/1345: Post-Quantum Adaptor Signature for Privacy-Preserving Off-Chain Payments
[Resource Topic] 2020/136: Stacked Garbling for Disjunctive Zero-Knowledge Proofs
[Resource Topic] 2020/1367: Costs of an Attack Against Proof-of-Work
[Resource Topic] 2020/137: Consistency for Functional Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/1371: Privacy Amplification with Tamperable Memory via Non-malleable Two-source Extractors
[Resource Topic] 2020/1386: Decentralized Multi-Authority ABE for DNFs from LWE
[Resource Topic] 2020/1360: Incremental Cryptography Revisited: PRFs, Nonces and Modular Design
[Resource Topic] 2020/1364: Security of Hybrid Key Encapsulation
[Resource Topic] 2020/1368: On the Worst-Case Side-Channel Security of ECC Point Randomization in Embedded Devices
[Resource Topic] 2020/1369: Multiplication over Extension Fields for Pairing-based Cryptography: an Hardware Point of View
[Resource Topic] 2020/1370: A discretization attack
[Resource Topic] 2020/1375: Semi-regular sequences and other random systems of equations
[Resource Topic] 2020/1376: Stronger bounds on the cost of computing Groebner bases for HFE systems
[Resource Topic] 2020/1378: Correlation-Intractable Hash Functions via Shift-Hiding
[Resource Topic] 2020/1380: Fast Computing of Quadratic Forms of HFE Polynomials over fields of characteristic two
[Resource Topic] 2020/1382: Chosen-Ciphertext Secure Multi-Identity and Multi-Attribute Pure FHE
[Resource Topic] 2020/1383: Novel Single-Trace ML Profiling Attacks on NIST 3 Round candidate Dilithium
[Resource Topic] 2020/139: Going Beyond Dual Execution: MPC for Functions with Efficient Verification
[Resource Topic] 2020/1389: Key Mismatch Attack on NewHope Revisited
[Resource Topic] 2020/1377: When to Barrett reduce in the inverse NTT
[Resource Topic] 2020/138: Smart Contract Derivatives
[Resource Topic] 2020/1390: A Survey of ECDSA Threshold Signing
[Resource Topic] 2020/1391: Interactive Proofs for Quantum Black-Box Computations
[Resource Topic] 2020/1392: Function Secret Sharing for Mixed-Mode and Fixed-Point Secure Computation
[Resource Topic] 2020/1396: Efficient Privacy Preserving Logistic Regression Inference and Training
[Resource Topic] 2020/1398: Minimal binary linear codes - a general framework based on bent concatenation
[Resource Topic] 2020/1399: A New Generalisation of the Goldwasser-Micali Cryptosystem Based on the Gap $2^k$-Residuosity Assumption
[Resource Topic] 2020/1400: Transferable E-cash: A Cleaner Model and the First Practical Instantiation
[Resource Topic] 2020/1401: Quantum Garbled Circuits
[Resource Topic] 2020/1397: NTT Multiplication for NTT-unfriendly Rings
[Resource Topic] 2020/1393: On the Effectiveness of Time Travel to Inject COVID-19 Alerts
[Resource Topic] 2020/1402: SKINNY with Scalpel - Comparing Tools for Differential Analysis
[Resource Topic] 2021/327: Veksel: Simple, Efficient, Anonymous Payments with Large Anonymity Sets from Well-Studied Assumptions
[Resource Topic] 2020/1407: Computing Square Roots Faster than the Tonelli-Shanks/Bernstein Algorithm
[Resource Topic] 2021/339: Non-interactive distributed key generation and key resharing
[Resource Topic] 2020/1426: Linear-Time Arguments with Sublinear Verification from Tensor Codes
[Resource Topic] 2021/926: On Treewidth, Separators and Yao's Garbling
[Resource Topic] 2021/018: Comments on ``On the Design of Conditional Privacy Preserving Batch Verification-Based Authentication Scheme for Internet of Vehicles Deployment''
[Resource Topic] 2021/331: A Probabilistic Public Key Encryption Switching Protocol for Secure Cloud Storage Applications
[Resource Topic] 2021/027: E-voting protocols in context of COVID19
[Resource Topic] 2020/1470: TaiJi: Longest Chain Availability with BFT Fast Confirmation
[Resource Topic] 2022/503: Towards a Formal Treatment of Logic Locking
[Resource Topic] 2022/505: Riding the Waves Towards Generic Single-Cycle Masking in Hardware
[Resource Topic] 2021/348: Decoding supercodes of Gabidulin codes and applications to cryptanalysis
[Resource Topic] 2022/514: A Key-Recovery Side-Channel Attack on Classic McEliece
[Resource Topic] 2022/511: OOBKey: Key Exchange with Implantable Medical Devices Using Out-Of-Band Channels
[Resource Topic] 2020/147: Non-Malleability against Polynomial Tampering
[Resource Topic] 2021/357: AISY - Deep Learning-based Framework for Side-channel Analysis
[Resource Topic] 2020/1471: On The Round Complexity of Secure Quantum Computation
[Resource Topic] 2021/1009: Polynomial Representation Is Tricky: Maliciously Secure Private Set Intersection Revisited
[Resource Topic] 2022/531: Jammin' on the deck
[Resource Topic] 2022/518: Failing to hash into supersingular isogeny graphs
[Resource Topic] 2022/524: Inner Product Functional Commitments with Constant-Size Public Parameters and Openings
[Resource Topic] 2021/371: Construction of minimal linear codes with few weights from weakly regular plateaued functions
[Resource Topic] 2021/091: Programmable Bootstrapping Enables Efficient Homomorphic Inference of Deep Neural Networks
[Resource Topic] 2020/1473: Lighthouses: A Warning System for Super-Spreader Events
[Resource Topic] 2021/382: Signatures with Tight Multi-User Security from Search Assumptions
[Resource Topic] 2021/387: Quantum-access security of the Winternitz one-time signature scheme
[Resource Topic] 2021/388: Topology-Hiding Communication from Minimal Assumptions
[Resource Topic] 2022/555: Adapting Belief Propagation to Counter Shuffling of NTTs
[Resource Topic] 2021/397: SSProve: A Foundational Framework for Modular Cryptographic Proofs in Coq
[Resource Topic] 2022/563: Find the Bad Apples: An efficient method for perfect key recovery under imperfect SCA oracles – A case study of Kyber
[Resource Topic] 2021/102: A Note on Advanced Encryption Standard with Galois/Counter Mode Algorithm Improvements and S-Box Customization
[Resource Topic] 2022/539: Post Quantum Noise
[Resource Topic] 2021/406: Disappearing Cryptography in the Bounded Storage Model
[Resource Topic] 2022/568: Improved MITM Cryptanalysis on Streebog
[Resource Topic] 2021/1034: Optimal encodings to elliptic curves of $j$-invariants $0$, $1728$
[Resource Topic] 2021/1045: Minor improvements of algorithm to solve under-defined systems of multivariate quadratic equations
[Resource Topic] 2021/1057: An Efficient Data Protection Scheme Based on Hierarchical ID-Based Encryption for Message Queueing Telemetry Transport
[Resource Topic] 2021/424: Security Analysis of SFrame
[Resource Topic] 2022/571: Entropically secure cipher for messages generated by Markov chains with unknown statistics
[Resource Topic] 2022/577: Construction of generalized-involutory MDS matrices
[Resource Topic] 2021/415: Efficient Verification of Optimized Code: Correct High-speed X25519
[Resource Topic] 2021/432: XORBoost: Tree Boosting in the Multiparty Computation Setting
[Resource Topic] 2021/927: A New Simple Technique to Bootstrap Various Lattice Zero-Knowledge Proofs to QROM Secure NIZKs
[Resource Topic] 2021/1048: Aggregating and thresholdizing hash-based signatures using STARKs
[Resource Topic] 2021/1059: Revisiting cryptanalysis on ChaCha from Crypto 2020 and Eurocrypt 2021
[Resource Topic] 2021/414: Cryptanalysis of an Anonymous Identity-based Identification Scheme in Ad-Hoc Group without Pairings
[Resource Topic] 2021/1068: A Simple Post-Quantum Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proof from Garbled Circuits
[Resource Topic] 2021/1077: MProve+ : Privacy Enhancing Proof of Reserves Protocol for Monero
[Resource Topic] 2021/1089: Threshold scheme to share a secret by means of sound ranging
[Resource Topic] 2020/1437: Round-Optimal and Communication-Efficient Multiparty Computation
[Resource Topic] 2022/585: Towards Practical Homomorphic Time-Lock Puzzles: Applicability and Verifiability
[Resource Topic] 2021/1088: Studying Bitcoin privacy attacks and their Impact on Bitcoin-based Identity Methods
[Resource Topic] 2021/450: RandChain: Practical Scalable Decentralized Randomness Attested by Blockchain
[Resource Topic] 2021/1087: Methods for Decentralized Identities: Evaluation and Insights
[Resource Topic] 2021/441: Watermarking PRFs from Lattices: Public Extract and Collusion Resistant
[Resource Topic] 2021/045: Banners: Binarized Neural Networks with Replicated Secret Sharing
[Resource Topic] 2020/1444: On known constructions of APN and AB functions and their relation to each other
[Resource Topic] 2020/1443: DPaSE: Distributed Password-Authenticated Symmetric Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/1445: Observations on COMET
[Resource Topic] 2020/1438: Resource Estimation of Grovers-kind Quantum Cryptanalysis against FSR based Symmetric Ciphers
[Resource Topic] 2021/043: Combining Montgomery Multiplication with Tag Tracing for the Pollard's Rho Algorithm in Prime Order Fields
[Resource Topic] 2020/1462: Ovid: Message-based Automatic Contact Tracing
[Resource Topic] 2020/1466: Load Balancing for Sharded Blockchains
[Resource Topic] 2020/144: Double-Base Chains for Scalar Multiplications on Elliptic Curves
[Resource Topic] 2020/1447: Compressed $\Sigma$-Protocols for Bilinear Group Arithmetic Circuits and Applications
[Resource Topic] 2020/145: Self-Secured PUF: Protecting the Loop PUF by Masking
[Resource Topic] 2020/1452: ASAP: Algorithm Substitution Attacks on Cryptographic Protocols
[Resource Topic] 2020/1453: New (k,l,m)-verifiable multi-secret sharing schemes based on XTR public key system
[Resource Topic] 2020/1458: Analysis of Ascon, DryGASCON, and Shamash Permutations
[Resource Topic] 2020/1460: The MAGIC Mode for Simultaneously Supporting Encryption, Message Authentication and Error Correction
[Resource Topic] 2020/1456: How to Abuse and Fix Authenticated Encryption Without Key Commitment
[Resource Topic] 2021/1031: Commitment Schemes from Supersingular Elliptic Curve Isogeny Graphs
[Resource Topic] 2020/1455: An Analytic Attack Against ARX Addition Exploiting Standard Side-Channel Leakage
[Resource Topic] 2021/046: Efficient Lattice-Based Inner-Product Functional Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/1457: The Cost to Break SIKE: A Comparative Hardware-Based Analysis with AES and SHA-3
[Resource Topic] 2020/146: Hierarchical Identity-Based Encryption with Tight Multi-Challenge Security
[Resource Topic] 2020/1463: Observations on the Tightness of the Security Bounds of GIFT-COFB and HyENA
[Resource Topic] 2020/1465: Cryptanalysis of an Anonymous Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol for Secure Wireless Body Area Network
[Resource Topic] 2020/1474: New method of verifying cryptographic protocols based on the process model
[Resource Topic] 2020/1475: Delegate and Verify the Update Keys of Revocable Identity-Based Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/1461: Lower bounds for the depth of modular squaring
[Resource Topic] 2021/090: A New Twofold Cornacchia-Type Algorithm and Its Applications
[Resource Topic] 2020/1459: Preliminary Hardware Benchmarking of a Group of Round 2 NIST Lightweight AEAD Candidates
[Resource Topic] 2020/1482: Optimized Polynomial Multiplier Architectures for Post-Quantum KEM Saber
[Resource Topic] 2020/1484: Cryptanalysis of Aggregate $\Gamma$-Signature and Practical Countermeasures in Application to Bitcoin
[Resource Topic] 2020/1485: Quantum Search for Lightweight Block Ciphers: GIFT, SKINNY, SATURNIN
[Resource Topic] 2021/1018: Obfustopia Built on Secret-Key Functional Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/1486: CommiTEE: An Efficient and Secure Commit-Chain Protocol using TEEs
[Resource Topic] 2020/1480: Malicious Security Comes for Free in Consensus with Leaders
[Resource Topic] 2020/1478: Robust Subgroup Multi-Signatures for Consensus
[Resource Topic] 2020/1476: Carbon Trading with Blockchain
[Resource Topic] 2020/1479: Automatic Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing of Novel Coronavirus Infection by Cloud-Enabled WBAN using Blockchain
[Resource Topic] 2020/1483: A Low-Depth Homomorphic Circuit for Logistic Regression Model Training
[Resource Topic] 2020/1481: Design and implementation of HElib: a homomorphic encryption library
[Resource Topic] 2020/1487: One-Way Functions Imply Secure Computation in a Quantum World
[Resource Topic] 2020/1488: General Properties of Quantum Bit Commitments
[Resource Topic] 2020/1489: On the (Ir)Replaceability of Global Setups, or How (Not) to Use a Global Ledger
[Resource Topic] 2020/1494: Nonintrusive and Adaptive Monitoring for Locating Voltage Attacks in Virtualized FPGAs
[Resource Topic] 2021/047: Evolution of Bulletin Board & its application to E-Voting – A Survey
[Resource Topic] 2020/1490: Unlinkable and Invisible γ-Sanitizable Signatures
[Resource Topic] 2021/103: RUP Security of the SAEF Authenticated Encryption mode
[Resource Topic] 2020/1496: Pseudo-Free Families and Cryptographic Primitives
[Resource Topic] 2020/1493: Verified fast formulas for control bits for permutation networks
[Resource Topic] 2020/1491: Partitioning Oracle Attacks
[Resource Topic] 2020/150: On the Security of NTS-KEM in the Quantum Random Oracle Model
[Resource Topic] 2020/1506: Recovering cryptographic keys from partial information, by example
[Resource Topic] 2020/1503: Recovery Attack on Bob's Secrets in CRYSTALS-KYBER and SABER
[Resource Topic] 2020/1507: Improvements to RSA key generation and CRT on embedded devices
[Resource Topic] 2020/1504: The Age of Testifying Wearable Devices: The Case of Intoxication Detection
[Resource Topic] 2020/1509: Single-Message Credential-Hiding Login
[Resource Topic] 2020/1501: PANCAKE: Frequency Smoothing for Encrypted Data Stores
[Resource Topic] 2020/1505: Binary Tree Based Forward Secure Signature Scheme in the Random Oracle Model
[Resource Topic] 2020/1495: CloudMoles: Surveillance of Power-Wasting Activities by Infiltrating Undercover Sensors
[Resource Topic] 2020/1497: A note on the calculation of some functions in finite fields: Tricks of the Trade
[Resource Topic] 2020/1508: A Combinatorial Approach to Quantum Random Functions
[Resource Topic] 2020/151: Breaking the decisional Diffie-Hellman problem for class group actions using genus theory -- extended version
[Resource Topic] 2020/1511: Balancing Privacy and Accountability in Blockchain Identity Management
[Resource Topic] 2020/1513: Indifferentiable hashing from Elligator 2
[Resource Topic] 2020/1515: The classification of quadratic APN functions in 7 variables
[Resource Topic] 2020/191: Lattice-Inspired Broadcast Encryption and Succinct Ciphertext-Policy ABE
[Resource Topic] 2020/1512: Revisiting the Privacy Needs of Real-World Applicable Company Benchmarking
[Resource Topic] 2020/1575: (In)security of the Radio Interface in Sigfox
[Resource Topic] 2020/368: Defeating NewHope with a Single Trace
[Resource Topic] 2020/1514: Improved privacy-preserving training using fixed-Hessian minimisation
[Resource Topic] 2020/1416: Further on the Construction of Feedback Shift Registers with Maximum Strong Linear Complexity
[Resource Topic] 2020/1527: Zero-Knowledge IOPs with Linear-Time Prover and Polylogarithmic-Time Verifier
[Resource Topic] 2020/1406: How not to VoteAgain: Pitfalls of Scalable Coercion-Resistant E-Voting
[Resource Topic] 2020/153: Constructing Secure Multi-Party Computation with Identifiable Abort
[Resource Topic] 2020/1533: On the Security of Homomorphic Encryption on Approximate Numbers
[Resource Topic] 2021/1033: Limits of Polynomial Packings for $\mathbb{Z}_{p^k}$ and $\mathbb{F}_{p^k}$
[Resource Topic] 2020/189: Guaranteed Output Delivery Comes Free in Honest Majority MPC
[Resource Topic] 2021/1032: AdVeil: A Private Targeted Advertising Ecosystem
[Resource Topic] 2020/1405: Grover on GIFT
[Resource Topic] 2020/1534: Improved Differential Fault Attack on LEA by Algebraic Representation of Modular Addition
[Resource Topic] 2020/1538: Homological Characterization of bounded $F_2$-regularity
[Resource Topic] 2020/1539: Information-Theoretic Security of Cryptographic Channels
[Resource Topic] 2020/1542: Feeding Three Birds With One Scone: A Generic Duplication Based Countermeasure To Fault Attacks (Extended Version)
[Resource Topic] 2020/1547: Two-server Distributed ORAM with Sublinear Computation and Constant Rounds
[Resource Topic] 2020/1543: CovidBloc: A Blockchain Powered Exposure Database for Contact Tracing
[Resource Topic] 2021/048: Efficient Lattice Gadget Decomposition Algorithm with Bounded Uniform Distribution
[Resource Topic] 2020/1546: Privacy-Preserving Epidemiological Modeling on Mobile Graphs
[Resource Topic] 2020/1545: A Tutorial on the Implementation of Block Ciphers: Software and Hardware Applications
[Resource Topic] 2020/1541: A Framework of Private Set Intersection Protocols
[Resource Topic] 2020/1558: Double-Odd Elliptic Curves
[Resource Topic] 2020/156: Phantom: An Efficient Privacy Protocol Using zk-SNARKs Based on Smart Contracts
[Resource Topic] 2021/050: The Distinguishing Attack on HFE
[Resource Topic] 2020/1551: Multi-Client Oblivious RAM with Poly-Logarithmic Communication
[Resource Topic] 2020/155: Low Latency Privacy-preserving Outsourcing of Deep Neural Network Inference
[Resource Topic] 2020/1609: A new method for secondary constructions of vectorial bent functions
[Resource Topic] 2021/049: ASIC Benchmarking of Round 2 Candidates in the NIST Lightweight Cryptography Standardization Process
[Resource Topic] 2020/1550: Foundations of Ring Sampling
[Resource Topic] 2020/1554: DNFA: Differential No-Fault Analysis of Bit Permutation Based Ciphers Assisted by Side-Channel
[Resource Topic] 2020/1564: Prime Proof Protocol
[Resource Topic] 2020/1565: Achieving privacy and accountability in traceable digital currency
[Resource Topic] 2020/1568: Compact Certificates of Collective Knowledge
[Resource Topic] 2020/1570: Secret Key Agreement with Physical Unclonable Functions: An Optimality Summary
[Resource Topic] 2020/1578: An IND-CCA2 Attack Against the 1st- and 2nd-round Versions of NTS-KEM
[Resource Topic] 2020/1579: Efficient Verifiable Image Redacting based on zk-SNARKs
[Resource Topic] 2021/1043: Brakedown: Linear-time and post-quantum SNARKs for R1CS
[Resource Topic] 2020/1585: Semi-Regularity of Pairs of Boolean Polynomials
[Resource Topic] 2021/051: How Much can F5 Really Do
[Resource Topic] 2020/1573: Halo 0.9: A Halo Protocol with Fully-Succinctness
[Resource Topic] 2020/1586: CirC: Compiler infrastructure for proof systems, software verification, and more
[Resource Topic] 2020/1587: On the properties of the Boolean functions associated to the differential spectrum of general APN functions and their consequences
[Resource Topic] 2020/1590: RandPiper -- Reconfiguration-Friendly Random Beacons with Quadratic Communication
[Resource Topic] 2021/1044: On the security of Hufu-UOV
[Resource Topic] 2020/160: Solving Some Affine Equations over Finite Fields
[Resource Topic] 2021/052: Elementary Attestation of Cryptographically Useful Composite Moduli
[Resource Topic] 2020/1596: Batched Differentially Private Information Retrieval
[Resource Topic] 2021/053: On Algebraic Embedding for Unstructured Lattices
[Resource Topic] 2020/1605: $P_4$-free Partition and Cover Numbers and Application
[Resource Topic] 2020/1607: Manta: Privacy Preserving Decentralized Exchange
[Resource Topic] 2021/054: The Cost of IEEE Arithmetic in Secure Computation
[Resource Topic] 2020/1594: Bootstrapping on SEAL
[Resource Topic] 2020/1612: A New Efficient Hierarchical Multi-secret Sharing Scheme Based on Linear Homogeneous Recurrence Relations
[Resource Topic] 2020/165: Subsampling and Knowledge Distillation On Adversarial Examples: New Techniques for Deep Learning Based Side Channel Evaluations
[Resource Topic] 2020/166: Non Atomic Payment Splitting in Channel Networks
[Resource Topic] 2020/176: Do not tell me what I cannot do! (The constrained device shouted under the cover of the fog): Implementing Symmetric Searchable Encryption on Constrained Devices (Extended Version)
[Resource Topic] 2020/172: Qubit-based Unclonable Encryption with Key Recycling
[Resource Topic] 2020/1618: Proof-Carrying Data without Succinct Arguments
[Resource Topic] 2020/1608: Cryptographic competitions
[Resource Topic] 2021/055: Tech Report: Inerial HSMs Thwart Advanced Physical Attacks
[Resource Topic] 2020/1611: SLAP: Simple Lattice-Based Private Stream Aggregation Protocol
[Resource Topic] 2020/175: Lower Bounds for Off-Chain Protocols: Exploring the Limits of Plasma
[Resource Topic] 2020/183: A note on secure multiparty computation via higher residue symbols
[Resource Topic] 2020/182: An Algebraic Attack on Ciphers with Low-Degree Round Functions: Application to Full MiMC
[Resource Topic] 2020/194: Adaptively Secure ABE for DFA from k-Lin and More
[Resource Topic] 2020/198: MPSign: A Signature from Small-Secret Middle-Product Learning with Errors
[Resource Topic] 2020/204: Cryptographic Reverse Firewalls for Interactive Proof Systems
[Resource Topic] 2020/202: Strong Anti-SAT: Secure and Effective Logic Locking
[Resource Topic] 2020/200: Leakage and Tamper Resilient Permutation-Based Cryptography
[Resource Topic] 2020/201: A Survey on Neural Trojans
[Resource Topic] 2020/196: Trustless unknown-order groups
[Resource Topic] 2020/205: SodsBC: A Post-quantum by Design Asynchronous Blockchain Framework
[Resource Topic] 2020/207: (Public) Verifiability For Composable Protocols Without Adaptivity Or Zero-Knowledge
[Resource Topic] 2020/213: Finding Hash Collisions with Quantum Computers by Using Differential Trails with Smaller Probability than Birthday Bound
[Resource Topic] 2020/216: Black-Box Constructions of Bounded-Concurrent Secure Computation
[Resource Topic] 2020/219: Multi-Client Functional Encryption for Separable Functions
[Resource Topic] 2020/220: Remote Side-Channel Attacks on Anonymous Transactions
[Resource Topic] 2020/221: Multiparty Reusable Non-Interactive Secure Computation
[Resource Topic] 2020/211: Mode-Level vs. Implementation-Level Physical Security in Symmetric Cryptography: A Practical Guide Through the Leakage-Resistance Jungle
[Resource Topic] 2020/226: Multivariate Polynomial and Exponential Mappings based Password Authentication Protocol
[Resource Topic] 2020/228: Optimal Broadcast Encryption from Pairings and LWE
[Resource Topic] 2020/234: Application of commutator subgroups of Sylow 2-subgroups of alternating group and Miller-Moreno groups to Key Exchange Protocol
[Resource Topic] 2020/235: Statistical Zaps and New Oblivious Transfer Protocols
[Resource Topic] 2020/227: About the Tu-Deng Conjecture for $\w(t)$ Less Than or Equal to 10
[Resource Topic] 2020/244: On Adaptive Attacks against Jao-Urbanik’s Isogeny-Based Protocol
[Resource Topic] 2021/058: A Performance Study of Crypto-Hardware in the Low-end IoT
[Resource Topic] 2020/246: Ultra-Fast Modular Multiplication Implementation for Isogeny-Based Post-Quantum Cryptography
[Resource Topic] 2020/229: Tight Time-Space Lower Bounds for Finding Multiple Collision Pairs and Their Applications
[Resource Topic] 2020/237: On Security Notions for Encryption in a Quantum World
[Resource Topic] 2020/240: MPC for MPC: Secure Computation on a Massively Parallel Computing Architecture
[Resource Topic] 2021/085: Complete Analysis of Implementing Isogeny-based Cryptography using Huff Form of Elliptic Curves
[Resource Topic] 2021/086: On Elapsed Time Consensus Protocols
[Resource Topic] 2020/251: Communication Lower Bounds for Perfect Maliciously Secure MPC
[Resource Topic] 2020/258: NIZK from LPN and Trapdoor Hash via Correlation Intractability for Approximable Relations
[Resource Topic] 2020/262: A Note on the Ending Elliptic Curve in SIDH
[Resource Topic] 2020/252: Secure Non-interactive Simulation: Feasibility & Rate
[Resource Topic] 2020/272: Privacy-Preserving Fast and Exact Linear Equations Solver with Fully Homomorphic Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2021/1030: A lightweight ISE for ChaCha on RISC-V
[Resource Topic] 2020/255: Novel Deception Techniques for Malware Detection on Industrial Control Systems
[Resource Topic] 2020/261: Foxtail+: A Learning with Errors-based Authentication Protocol for Resource-Constrained Devices
[Resource Topic] 2020/266: Quantum Indistinguishability for Public Key Encryption
[Resource Topic] 2020/268: Time-memory trade-off in Toom-Cook multiplication: an application to module-lattice based cryptography
[Resource Topic] 2020/271: Signatures from Sequential-OR Proofs
[Resource Topic] 2020/273: On the Fast Algebraic Immunity of Threshold Functions
[Resource Topic] 2020/278: MIRAGE: Succinct Arguments for Randomized Algorithms with Applications to Universal zk-SNARKs
[Resource Topic] 2020/277: Full Analysis of Nakamoto Consensus in Bounded-Delay Networks
[Resource Topic] 2020/282: The Measure-and-Reprogram Technique 2.0: Multi-Round Fiat-Shamir and More
[Resource Topic] 2020/283: CryptoWills: How to Bequeath Cryptoassets
[Resource Topic] 2020/279: Impact of System-on-Chip Integration of AEAD Ciphers
[Resource Topic] 2020/292: LWE with Side Information: Attacks and Concrete Security Estimation
[Resource Topic] 2020/294: Public-Key Generation with Verifiable Randomness
[Resource Topic] 2020/297: Random Self-reducibility of Ideal-SVP via Arakelov Random Walks
[Resource Topic] 2020/299: Hydra: Fast Isomorphic State Channels
[Resource Topic] 2020/300: Secure Multiparty Computation (MPC)
[Resource Topic] 2020/288: Secure Key-Alternating Feistel Ciphers Without Key Schedule
[Resource Topic] 2020/290: Linear Cryptanalysis of Reduced-Round SIMON Using Super Rounds
[Resource Topic] 2020/298: Fast polynomial inversion for post quantum QC-MDPC cryptography
[Resource Topic] 2020/293: Many-out-of-Many Proofs and Applications to Anonymous Zether
[Resource Topic] 2020/304: Multiparty Homomorphic Encryption from Ring-Learning-With-Errors
[Resource Topic] 2020/313: Security analysis of SPAKE2+
[Resource Topic] 2020/314: Proposal of Multivariate Public Key Cryptosystem Based on Modulus of Numerous Prime Numbers and CRT with Security of IND-CPA
[Resource Topic] 2020/318: Compact Adaptively Secure ABE from k-Lin: Beyond NC1 and towards NL
[Resource Topic] 2020/309: Cryptanalysis Results on Spook
[Resource Topic] 2020/323: A Flexible n/2 Adversary Node Resistant and Halting Recoverable Blockchain Sharding Protocol
[Resource Topic] 2020/316: Beyond Software Watermarking: Traitor-Tracing for Pseudorandom Functions
[Resource Topic] 2020/308: Post-Quantum TLS on Embedded Systems
[Resource Topic] 2020/317: Physical Time-Varying Transfer Functions as Generic Low-Overhead Power-SCA Countermeasure
[Resource Topic] 2020/321: Compact domain-specific co-processor for accelerating module lattice-based key encapsulation mechanism
[Resource Topic] 2020/334: 4-Uniform Permutations with Null Nonlinearity
[Resource Topic] 2020/352: Coda: Decentralized Cryptocurrency at Scale
[Resource Topic] 2020/335: An n/2 byzantine node tolerated blockchain sharding approach
[Resource Topic] 2020/338: Improved Primitives for MPC over Mixed Arithmetic-Binary Circuits
[Resource Topic] 2020/324: Defeating CAS-Unlock
[Resource Topic] 2020/330: Hardness vs. (Very Little) Structure in Cryptography: A Multi-Prover Interactive Proofs Perspective
[Resource Topic] 2020/336: Gimli Encryption in 715.9 psec
[Resource Topic] 2020/339: Cracking Matrix Modes of Operation with Goodness-of-Fit Statistics
[Resource Topic] 2021/059: The Cost of Adaptivity in Security Games on Graphs
[Resource Topic] 2020/328: Weight-Based Nakamoto-Style Blockchains
[Resource Topic] 2020/340: Differential Privacy for Eye Tracking with Temporal Correlations
[Resource Topic] 2021/1050: Privacy-Enhancing Group Signcryption Scheme
[Resource Topic] 2020/347: Some Low Round Zero Knowledge Protocols
[Resource Topic] 2020/345: Bent functions stemming from Maiorana-McFarland class being provably outside its completed version
[Resource Topic] 2020/353: A Probabilistic Public Key Encryption Scheme Based on Quartic Reciprocity (Draft V1.22)
[Resource Topic] 2020/346: Algebraic Attacks on Round-Reduced Keccak/Xoodoo
[Resource Topic] 2020/349: Differential Power Analysis on (Non-)Linear Feedback Shift Registers
[Resource Topic] 2020/355: Permissionless Consensus in the Resource Model
[Resource Topic] 2020/341: Faster computation of isogenies of large prime degree
[Resource Topic] 2020/356: Efficient MPC with a Mixed Adversary
[Resource Topic] 2020/350: New Multi-bit Differentials to Improve Attacks Against ChaCha
[Resource Topic] 2021/064: Fault Attacks on CCA-secure Lattice KEMs
[Resource Topic] 2020/367: Exploiting Decryption Failures in Mersenne Number Cryptosystems
[Resource Topic] 2020/359: 4-bit Boolean functions in generation and cryptanalysis of secure 4-bit crypto S-boxes
[Resource Topic] 2021/065: FPGA Offloading for Diffie-Hellman Key Exchangeusing Elliptic Curves
[Resource Topic] 2021/062: Compressed Permutation Oracles (And the Collision-Resistance of Sponge/SHA3)
[Resource Topic] 2021/063: CYBERCRYPT: Learn Basic Cryptographic Concepts while Playing
[Resource Topic] 2020/363: On equivalence between known polynomial APN functions and power APN functions
[Resource Topic] 2020/365: A New Algorithm to Find Monic Irreducible Polynomials over Extended Galois field GF prime p and extension q using Positional Arithmetic
[Resource Topic] 2020/366: FICS-PCB: A Multi-Modal Image Dataset for Automated Printed Circuit Board Visual Inspection
[Resource Topic] 2020/383: Parallel strategies for SIDH: Towards computing SIDH twice as fast
[Resource Topic] 2020/377: Oblivious tight compaction in O(n) time with smaller constant
[Resource Topic] 2020/378: Efficient 4-way Vectorizations of the Montgomery Ladder
[Resource Topic] 2020/382: Privacy-Preserving Incentive Systems w