[Resource Topic] 2005/011: An Improved Elegant Method to Re-initialize Hash Chains

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An Improved Elegant Method to Re-initialize Hash Chains

Authors: Yuanchao Zhao, Daoben Li


Hash chains are widely used in various cryptographic systems such as electronic micropayments and one-time passwords etc. However, hash chains suffer from the limitation that they have a finite number of links which when used up requires the system to re-initialize new hash chains. So system design has to reduce the overhead when hash chains are re-initialized. Recently, Vipul Goyal proposed an elegant one-time-signature-based method to re-initialize hash chains, in this efficient method an infinite number of finite length hash chains can be tied together so that hash chains can be securely re-initialized in a non-repudiable manner. Vipul Goyal¡¯s method is improved in this paper to reach a little more efficient method, which, more importantly, is a natural extension of the concept of conventional hash chains.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2005/011

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