[Resource Topic] 2009/143: Multiple and Unlinkable Public Key Encryption without Certificates

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Multiple and Unlinkable Public Key Encryption without Certificates

Authors: Soyoung Park, Sang-Ho Lee, Joohan Lee


We newly propose a multiple and unlinkable identity-based public key encryption scheme. Unlike the traditional public key encryption and identity-based encryption schemes, our scheme allows the use of a various number of identity-based public keys in different groups or applications while keeping a single decryption key so that the decryption key can decrypt every ciphertexts encrypted with those public keys. Also our scheme removes the use of certificates as well as the key escrow problem so it is functional and practical. Since our public keys are unlinkable, the user’s privacy can be protected from attackers who collect and trace the user information and behavior using the known public keys. Furthermore, we suggest a decryption key renewal protocol to strengthen the security of the single decryption key. Finally, we prove the security of our scheme against the adaptive chosen-ciphertext attack under the random oracle model.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2009/143

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