[Resource Topic] 2017/671: Guru: Universal Reputation Module for Distributed Consensus Protocols

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Guru: Universal Reputation Module for Distributed Consensus Protocols

Authors: Alex Biryukov, Daniel Feher, Dmitry Khovratovich


In this paper we describe how to couple reputation systems with distributed consensus protocols to provide high-throughput highly-scalable consensus for large peer-to-peer networks of untrusted validators. We introduce reputation module Guru, which can be laid on top of various consensus protocols such as PBFT or HoneyBadger. It ranks nodes based on the outcomes of consensus rounds run by a small committee, and adaptively selects the committee based on the current reputation. The protocol can also take external reputation ranking as input. Guru can tolerate larger threshold of malicious nodes (up to slightly above 1/2) compared to the 1/3 limit of BFT consensus algorithms.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/671

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