[Resource Topic] 2016/542: MPC-Friendly Symmetric Key Primitives

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MPC-Friendly Symmetric Key Primitives

Authors: Lorenzo Grassi, Christian Rechberger, Dragos Rotaru, Peter Scholl, Nigel P. Smart


We discuss the design of symmetric primitives, in particular Pseudo-Random Functions (PRFs) which are suitable for use in a secret-sharing based MPC system. We consider three different PRFs: the Naor-Reingold PRF, a PRF based on the Legendre symbol, and a specialized block cipher design called MiMC. We present protocols for implementing these PRFs within a secret-sharing based MPC system, and discuss possible applications. We then compare the performance of our protocols. Depending on the application, different PRFs may offer different optimizations and advantages over the classic AES benchmark. Thus, we cannot conclude that there is one optimal PRF to be used in all situations.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2016/542

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