[Resource Topic] 2022/1778: Asynchronous Delegated Private Set Intersection with Hiding of Intersection Size

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Asynchronous Delegated Private Set Intersection with Hiding of Intersection Size

Authors: Wyatt Howe, Andrei Lapets, Frederick Jansen, Tanner Braun, Ben Getchell


Integrating private set intersection (PSI) protocols within real-world data workflows, software applications, or web services can be challenging. This can occur because data contributors and result recipients do not have the technical expertise, information technology infrastructure, or other resources to participate throughout the execution of a protocol and/or to incur all the communication costs associated with participation. Furthermore, contemporary workflows, applications, and services are often designed around RESTful APIs that might not require contributors or recipients to remain online or to maintain state. Asynchronous delegated PSI protocol variants can better match the expectations of software engineers by (1) allowing data contributors to contribute their inputs and then to depart permanently, and (2) allowing result recipients to request their result only once they are ready to do so. However, such protocols usually accomplish this by introducing an additional party that learns some information about the size of the intersection. This work presents an asynchronous delegated PSI protocol variant that does not reveal the intersection size to the additional party. It is shown that such a protocol can have, on average, linear time and space complexity.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2022/1778

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