[Resource Topic] 2003/211: SFLASHv3, a fast asymmetric signature scheme

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SFLASHv3, a fast asymmetric signature scheme

Authors: Nicolas T. Courtois, Louis Goubin, Jacques Patarin


SFLASH-v2 is one of the three asymmetric signature schemes recommended by the European consortium for low-cost smart cards. The latest implementation report published at PKC 2003 shows that SFLASH-v2 is the fastest signature scheme known.

This is a detailed specification of SFLASH-v3 produced in 2003 for fear of v2 being broken. HOWEVER after detailed analysis by Chen Courtois and Yang [ICICS04], Sflash-v2 is not broken and we still recommend the previous version Sflash-v2, already recommended by Nessie, instead of this version.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2003/211

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