[Resource Topic] 2006/037: Message Authentication on 64-bit Architectures

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Message Authentication on 64-bit Architectures

Authors: Ted Krovetz


This paper takes UMAC — a message authentication algorithm (MAC) optimized for performance on 32-bit architectures — as its starting point, and adapts its strategies for optimum performance on 64-bit architectures. The resulting MAC, called UMAC8, achieves per message forgery probabilities of about 2^{-60} and 2^{-120} for tags of length 64 and 128 bits. The UMAC strategies are discussed at length and adapted for 64-bit environments, but are also modified to address several UMAC shortcomings, particularly key-agility and susceptibility to timing attacks. UMAC achieved peak throughput rates, when generating 64-bit tags, of 1.0 CPU cycle per byte of message authenticated, while UMAC8 achieves 0.5 cycles per byte.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2006/037

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