[Resource Topic] 2022/1133: Secure Batch Deduplication Without Dual Servers in Backup System

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Secure Batch Deduplication Without Dual Servers in Backup System

Authors: Haoyu Zheng, Shengke Zeng, Hongwei Li, Zhijun Li


Cloud storage provides highly available and low cost resources to users. However, as massive amounts of outsourced data grow rapidly, an effective data deduplication scheme is necessary. This is a hot and challenging field, in which there are quite a few researches. However, most of previous works require dual-server fashion to be against brute-force attacks and do not support batch
checking. It is not practicable for the massive data stored in the cloud. In this paper, we present a secure batch deduplication scheme for backup system. Besides, our scheme resists the brute-force attacks without the aid of other servers. The core idea of the batch deduplication is to separate users into different groups by using short hashes. Within each group, we leverage group key agreement and symmetric encryption to achieve secure batch checking and semantically secure storage. We also extensively evaluate its performance and overhead based on different datasets. We show that our scheme saves the data storage by up to 89.84%. These results show that our scheme is efficient and scalable for cloud backup system and can also ensure data confidentiality.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2022/1133

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