[Resource Topic] 2024/896: Dynamic-FROST: Schnorr Threshold Signatures with a Flexible Committee

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Dynamic-FROST: Schnorr Threshold Signatures with a Flexible Committee

Authors: Annalisa Cimatti, Francesco De Sclavis, Giuseppe Galano, Sara Giammusso, Michela Iezzi, Antonio Muci, Matteo Nardelli, Marco Pedicini


Threshold signatures enable any subgroup of predefined cardinality t out of a committee of n participants to generate a valid, aggregated signature.
Although several (t,n)-threshold signature schemes exist, most of them assume that the threshold t and the set of participants do not change over time.
Practical applications of threshold signatures might benefit from the possibility of updating the threshold or the committee of participants. Examples of such applications are consensus algorithms and blockchain wallets.
In this paper, we present Dynamic-FROST (D-FROST, for short) that combines FROST, a Schnorr threshold signature scheme, with CHURP, a dynamic proactive secret sharing scheme. The resulting protocol is the first Schnorr threshold signature scheme that accommodates changes in both the committee and the threshold value without relying on a trusted third party.
Besides detailing the protocol, we present a proof of its security: as the original signing scheme, D-FROST preserves the property of Existential Unforgeability under Chosen-Message Attack.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/896

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