[Resource Topic] 2008/314: Scratch, Click & Vote: E2E voting over the Internet

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Scratch, Click & Vote: E2E voting over the Internet

Authors: Miroslaw Kutylowski, Filip Zagorski


We present Scratch, Click & Vote voting scheme, which is a modification of the Punchscan and ThreeBallot systems. The scheme is end-to-end veryfiable and allows for voting over the Internet. Security against malicious hardware and software used by a voter %TT is due to the fact that a voter’s computer does not get any knowledge about the voter’s choice. Moreover, it can change successfully a voter’s ballot only with a small probability. As a side result, we present a modification of the ThreeBallot that eliminates Strauss’-like attacks on this scheme.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2008/314

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