[Resource Topic] 2012/292: An Adaptive-Ciphertext Attack against "I $\oplus$ C'' Block Cipher Modes With an Oracle

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An Adaptive-Ciphertext Attack against "I \oplus C’’ Block Cipher Modes With an Oracle

Authors: Jon Passki, Tom Ritter


Certain block cipher confidentiality modes are susceptible to an adaptive chosen-ciphertext attack against the underlying format of the plaintext. When the application decrypts altered ciphertext and attempts to process the manipulated plaintext, it may disclose information about intermediate values resulting in an oracle. In this paper we describe how to recognize and exploit such an oracle to decrypt ciphertext and control the decryption to result in arbitrary plaintext. We also discuss ways to mitigate and remedy the issue.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2012/292

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