[Resource Topic] 2018/448: Non-adaptive Group-Testing Aggregate MAC Scheme

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Non-adaptive Group-Testing Aggregate MAC Scheme

Authors: Shoichi Hirose, Junji Shikata


This paper applies non-adaptive group testing to aggregate message authentication code (MAC) and introduces non-adaptive group-testing aggregate MAC. After formalization of its syntax and security requirements, simple and generic construction is presented, which can be applied to any aggregate MAC scheme formalized by Katz and Lindell in 2008. Then, two instantioations of the construction is presented. One is based on the aggregate MAC scheme by Katz and Lindell and uses addition for tag aggregate. The other uses cryptographic hashing for tag aggregate. Provable security of the generic construction and two instantiations are also discussed.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2018/448

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