[Resource Topic] 2024/026: Towards Compact Identity-based Encryption on Ideal Lattices

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Towards Compact Identity-based Encryption on Ideal Lattices

Authors: Huiwen Jia, Yupu Hu, Chunming Tang, Lin Wang


Basic encryption and signature on lattices have comparable efficiency to their classical counterparts in terms of speed and key size. However, Identity-based Encryption (IBE) on lattices is much less efficient in terms of compactness, even when instantiated on ideal lattices and in the Random Oracle Model (ROM). This is because the underlying preimage sampling algorithm used to extract the users’ secret keys requires huge public parameters. In this work, we specify a compact IBE instantiation for practical use by introducing various optimizations. Specifically, we first propose a modified gadget to make it more suitable for the instantiation of practical IBE. Then, by incorporating our gadget and the non-spherical Gaussian technique, we provide an efficient preimage sampling algorithm, based on which, we give a specification of a compact IBE on ideal lattice. Finally, two parameter sets and a proof-of-concept implementation are presented. Given the importance of the preimage sampling algorithm in lattice-based cryptography, we believe that our technique can also be applied to the practical instantiation of other advanced cryptographic schemes.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/026

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