[Resource Topic] 2023/005: Secure Single-Server Fuzzy Deduplication without Interactive Proof-of-Ownership in Cloud

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Secure Single-Server Fuzzy Deduplication without Interactive Proof-of-Ownership in Cloud

Authors: Shuai Cheng, Shengke Zeng, Haoyu Zeng, Yawen Feng, Jixiang Xiao


The redundant of multimedia data made an unnecessary waste in encrypted cloud storage, unlike text with completely consistent content, multimedia data allows a certain degree of similarity in deduplication, In this work, we focus on the multimedia data which takes a seriously proportion of storage in scenarios such as data outsourcing to propose secure fuzzy deduplication without the additional servers based on Convergent Encryption(CE), say the Single-server Fuzzy Deduplication (SSFD). Compared to the related fuzzy deduplication, SSFD is strong at resisting brute-force attacks caused by server-server collusion, moreover, we also put server-client collusion attacks into security solutions. Additionally, to enhance the security of data, the proposed scheme provides both protection against replay attacks and verification of label consistency and adds no extra communication such as Proof of Ownership(PoW) in interaction. We separately presented a formal security analysis and performed performance at last to prove security solutions and evaluate the experimental results, it shows SSFD provides both a reliable fuzzy images secure deduplication protocol and a computationally feasible solution.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/005

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