[Resource Topic] 2023/167: Modular Design of KEM-Based Authenticated Key Exchange

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Modular Design of KEM-Based Authenticated Key Exchange

Authors: Colin Boyd, Bor de Kock, Lise Millerjord


A key encapsulation mechanism (KEM) is a basic building block for key exchange which must be combined with long-term keys in order to achieve authenticated key exchange (AKE). Although several KEM-based AKE protocols have been proposed, KEM-based modular building blocks are not available. We provide a KEM-based authenticator and a KEM-based protocol in the Authenticated Links model (AM), in the terminology of Canetti and Krawczyk (2001). Using these building blocks we achieve a set of generic AKE protocols. By instantiating these with post-quantum secure primitives we are able to propose several new post-quantum secure AKE protocols.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/167

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