[Resource Topic] 2022/1255: An ECDSA Nullifier Scheme for Unique Pseudonymity within Zero Knowledge Proofs

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An ECDSA Nullifier Scheme for Unique Pseudonymity within Zero Knowledge Proofs

Authors: Aayush Gupta, Kobi Gurkan


ZK-SNARKs (Zero Knowledge Succinct Noninteractive ARguments of Knowledge) are one of the most promising new applied cryptography tools: proofs allow anyone to prove a property about some data, without revealing that data. Largely spurred by the adoption of cryptographic primitives in blockchain systems, ZK-SNARKs are rapidly becoming computationally practical in real-world settings, shown by i.e. tornado.cash and rollups. These have enabled ideation for new identity applications based on anonymous proof-of-ownership. One of the primary technologies that would enable the jump from existing apps to such systems is the development of deterministic nullifiers.

Nullifiers are used as a public commitment to a specific anonymous account, to forbid actions like double spending, or allow a consistent identity between anonymous actions. We identify a new deterministic signature algorithm that both uniquely identifies the keypair, and keeps the account identity secret. In this work, we will define the full DDH-VRF construction, and prove uniqueness, secrecy, and existential unforgeability. We will also demonstrate a proof of concept of the nullifier.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2022/1255

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