[Resource Topic] 2004/043: Multi-sequences with d-perfect property

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Multi-sequences with d-perfect property

Authors: Xiutao Feng, Quanlong Wang, Zongduo Dai


Sequences with almost perfect linear complexity profile are defined by H.~Niederreiter[4]. C.P. Xing and K.Y. Lam[5, 6] extended this concept from the case of single sequences to the case of multi-sequences and furthermore proposed the concept of d-perfect. In this paper, based on the technique of m-continued fractions due to Dai et al, we investigate the property of d-perfect multi-sequences and obtain the sufficient and necessary condition on d-perfect property. We show that multi-sequences with d-perfect property are not always
strongly d-perfect. In particular, we give one example to disprove the conjecture on d-perfect property of multi-sequences proposed by C.P. Xing in [6].

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2004/043

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