[Resource Topic] 2016/964: Practical low data-complexity subspace-trail cryptanalysis of round-reduced PRINCE

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Practical low data-complexity subspace-trail cryptanalysis of round-reduced PRINCE

Authors: Lorenzo Grassi, Christian Rechberger


Subspace trail cryptanalysis is a very recent new cryptanalysis technique, and includes differential, truncated differential, impossible differential, and integral attacks as special cases. In this paper, we consider PRINCE, a widely analyzed block cipher proposed in 2012. After the identification of a 2.5 rounds subspace trail of PRINCE, we present several (truncated differential) attacks up to 6 rounds of PRINCE. This includes a very practical attack with the lowest data complexity of only 8 plaintexts for 4 rounds, which co-won the final round of the PRINCE challenge in the 4-round chosen-plaintext category. The attacks have been verified using a C implementation. Of independent interest, we consider a variant of PRINCE in which ShiftRows and MixLayer operations are exchanged in position. In particular, our result shows that the position of ShiftRows and MixLayer operations influences the security of PRINCE. The same analysis applies to follow-up designs inspired by PRINCE.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2016/964

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