[Resource Topic] 2024/241: Generalized Adaptor Signature Scheme: From Two-Party to N-Party Settings

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Generalized Adaptor Signature Scheme: From Two-Party to N-Party Settings

Authors: Kaisei Kajita, Go Ohtake, Tsuyoshi Takagi


Adaptor signatures have attracted attention as a tool to ad-dress scalability and interoperability issues in blockchain applications, for example, such as atomic swaps for exchanging di˙erent cryptocur-rencies. Adaptor signatures can be constructed by extending of common digital signature schemes that both authenticate a message and disclose a secret witness to a speci˝c party. In Asiacrypt 2021, Aumayr et al. formulated the two-party adaptor signature as an independent crypto-graphic primitive. In this study, we extend the their adaptor signature scheme formulation to N party adaptor signature scheme, present its generic construction, and de˝ne the security to be satis˝ed. Next, we present a concrete construction based on Schnorr signatures and discuss the security properties.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/241

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