[Resource Topic] 2017/440: Cryptographic Security Analysis of T-310

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Cryptographic Security Analysis of T-310

Authors: Nicolas T. Courtois, Klaus Schmeh, Jörg Drobick, Jacques Patarin, Maria-Bristena Oprisanu, Matteo Scarlata, Om Bhallamudi


T-310 is an important Cold War cipher. It was the principal encryption algorithm used to protect various state communication lines in Eastern Germany throughout the 1980s. The cipher seems to be quite robust, and until now, no cryptography researcher has proposed an attack on T-310. In this paper we provide a detailed analysis of T-310 in the context of modern cryptography research and other important or similar ciphers developed in the same period. We introduce new notations which show the peculiar internal structure of this cipher in a new light. We point out a number of significant strong and weak properties of this cipher. Finally we propose several new attacks on T-310.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/440

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