[Resource Topic] 2020/023: Threshold Multi-Signature with an Offline Recovery Party

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Threshold Multi-Signature with an Offline Recovery Party

Authors: Riccardo Longo, Alessio Meneghetti, Massimiliano Sala


Key custody is a sensitive aspect of cryptocurrencies. The employment of a custodian service together with threshold-multi-party signatures helps to manage secret keys more safely and effectively, e.g. allowing the recovery of crypto-assets when users lose their own keys. Advancing from a protocol by Gennaro et al. we propose a protocol with two main properties. First it allows the recovery party to remain offline during the enrollment of any user, solving a real-life problem of maintaining online only one trusted third party. Second our multi-party signature is compatible with a deterministic derivation of public and private keys.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2020/023

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