[Resource Topic] 2023/131: Some Practical Applications of Fully Homomorphic Encryption

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Some Practical Applications of Fully Homomorphic Encryption

Authors: Elisa Giurgea, Tudor Hutu, Emil Simion


In the current context of the increasing need for data privacy and quantum computing no longer being just a novel concept, Fully Homomorphic Encryption presents us with numerous quantum-secure schemes which have the concept of enabling data processing over encrypted data while not decrypting it behind. While not entirely usable at the present time, recent research has underlined its practical uses applied to databases, cloud computing, machine learning, e-voting, and IoT computing. In this paper, we are covering the current status of research and presenting the leading implemented solutions for subjects related to data privacy in the before-mentioned areas while emphasizing their positive results and possible drawbacks subsequently discovered by the research community.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/131

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