[Resource Topic] 2007/126: An Interesting Member ID-based Group Signature

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An Interesting Member ID-based Group Signature

Authors: Sujing Zhou, Dongdai Lin


We propose an interesting efficient member ID-based group signatures, i.e., verification of output from algorithm OPEN run by the group manager does not have to refer to a registration table (acting as certification list). The proposal is free of GM-frameability, i.e., secret key of member is not escrowed to GM, which is unique among all known member ID-based group signatures as far as we know. The proposal also has two distinguished extra features, one is that the group manager does not have to maintain a registration table to obtain the real identity of the signer in contrast to other schemes, another is that it provides an alternative countermeasure against tampered registration table to applying integrity techniques to the table in case registration table is maintained.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2007/126

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