[Resource Topic] 2021/092: New Public Key Cryptosystem (First Version)

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New Public Key Cryptosystem (First Version)

Authors: Dieaa I. Nassr, M. Anwar, Hatem M. Bahig


In this article, we propose a new public key cryptosystem, called \textbf{NAB}. The most important features of NAB are that its security strength is no easier than the security issues of the NTRU cryptosystem~\cite{Hoffstein96} and the encryption/decryption process is very fast compared to the previous public key cryptosystems RSA~\cite{Rivest78amethod}, Elgamal~\cite{ElGamal85}, NTRU~\cite{Hoffstein96}. Since the NTRU cryptosystem~\cite{Hoffstein96} is still not known to be breakable using quantum computers, NAB is also the same. In addition, the expansion of the ciphertext is barely greater than the plaintext and the ratio of the bit-size of the ciphertext to the bit-size of the plaintext can be reduced to just over one. We suggest that NAB is an alternative to RSA~\cite{Rivest78amethod}, Elgamal~\cite{ElGamal85} and NTRU~\cite{Hoffstein96} cryptosystems.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2021/092

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