[Resource Topic] 1997/015: Optimistic fair Exchange of Digital Signatures

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Optimistic fair Exchange of Digital Signatures

Authors: N. Asokan, V. Shoup, M. Waidner


We present a new protocol that allows two players to exchange digital
signatures (including RSA and DSS) over the Internet in a fair way, so
that either each player gets the other’s signature, or neither player
does. One obvious application is where the signatures represent items
of value, for example, an electronic check or airline ticket; the
protocol can also be adapted to exchange encrypted data. The protocol
relies on a trusted third party, but is “optimistic,” in that the
third party is only needed in cases where one player attempts to cheat
or simply crashes. This is an important property, as it greatly
reduces the load on the third party, which in particular facilitates
a more robust and secure implementation of the third party.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/1997/015

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