[Resource Topic] 2024/166: A Practical MinRank Attack Against VOX

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A Practical MinRank Attack Against VOX

Authors: Hao Guo, Jintai Ding


VOX is a UOV-like signature scheme submitted to Round 1 additional signatures of NIST PQC standardization process. In 2023 Furue and Ikematsu proposed a rectangular MinRank attack on VOX, resulting in the submitters changing their parameters to counter this attack. In this paper we propose a new type of MinRank attack called padded MinRank attack. We show that the attack is highly efficient in its running time, taking less than one minute to break eight of nine parameters and about eight hours for the remaining one. Therefore the parameters of VOX should be reexamined to ensure its safety.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/166

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