[Resource Topic] 2015/1079: De Bruijn Sequences from Symmetric Shift Registers

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De Bruijn Sequences from Symmetric Shift Registers

Authors: Ming Li, Mingxing Wang, Dongdai Lin


We consider the symmetric Feedback Shift Registers (FSRs), especially a special class of symmetric FSRs (we call them scattered symmetric FSRs), and construct a large class of De Bruijn sequences from them. It is shown that, at least O(2^((n-6)(logn)/2)) De Bruijn sequences of order n can be constructed from just one n-stage scattered symmetric FSR. To generate the next bit in the De Bruijn sequence from the current state, it requires no more than 2n comparisons and n+1 FSR shifts. By further analyse the cycle structure of the scattered symmetric FSRs, other methods for constructing De Bruijn sequences are suggested.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2015/1079

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