[Resource Topic] 2005/456: A Secure Scheme for Authenticated Encryption

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A Secure Scheme for Authenticated Encryption

Authors: Fuw-Yi Yang


The paper proposes a new scheme of authenticated encryption that is either publicly verifiable or not publicly verifiable depending on the quantity of information the recipient released. This property would give recipient much flexibility in many applications. This scheme combines the ElGamal encryption with Schnorr signature. Considering the security goal of signature, the resultant scheme is at least as secure as that of the combined signature scheme. The security goal of encryption is examined under the chosen ciphertext attack, it is proven directly related to the security of signature. Furthermore, this new scheme is also secure against one-more-decryption attack. This novel security goal may be valuable in the applications of private information retrieval.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2005/456

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