[Resource Topic] 2024/472: Sailfish: Towards Improving Latency of DAG-based BFT

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Sailfish: Towards Improving Latency of DAG-based BFT

Authors: Nibesh Shrestha, Aniket Kate, Kartik Nayak


Existing DAG-based BFT protocols exhibit long latency to commit decisions. The primary reason for such a long latency is having a leader every 2 or more “rounds”. Even under honest leaders, these protocols require two or more reliable broadcast (RBC) instances to commit the proposal submitted by the leader (leader vertex), and additional RBCs to commit other proposals (non-leader vertices). In this work, we present Sailfish, the first DAG-based BFT that supports a leader vertex in each round. Under honest leaders, Sailfish maintains a commit latency of one RBC round plus 1\delta to commit the leader vertex (where \delta is the actual transmission latency of a message) and only an additional RBC round to commit non-leader vertices.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/472

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