[Resource Topic] 2024/817: DVA: Dangerous Variations of ALTEQ

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DVA: Dangerous Variations of ALTEQ

Authors: Arnaud Sipasseuth


In this paper, we present three types of variations of the ALTEQ cryptosystem, a recent submission to the NIST’s additional call for signatures. We name these Dangerous Variations of ALTEQ (DVA), as there is always a certain danger in stepping out of usual constructions, although we attempt to maintain heuristic security.
First, we present DVA-GG (Graph Generalization), that can be seen as a more abstract point-of-view on the operations done in ALTEQ and encourages more research on the algebraic variants. In particular, we show this approach can lead to a patch counter to Beullens’ recent seed collision attack on ALTEQ that only depends on the primitive, and showcase some fancy usages of the primitive for experimental protocols.
Second, we present DVA-PC (Precomputations) which is ``likely’’ as secure as ALTEQ in the random oracle model, and allow to drastically reduce the intermediate memory requirements within both the signature and verification process through an easily parallelizable extra operation. In particular, this facilitates precomputation variants with online phases that only depends on the complexity of basic matrix operations. We can then choose between either a tiny offline memory per signature, or get one of the fastest online signing speed for post-quantum cryptography.
Third, we present DVA-DM (Distinct Matrices), some cryptanalytic targets that deviates from ALTEQ’s original algebraic structure. Those structures can serve as plain computational acceleration or just compress data sizes,
and provide good options to motivate the study of specialized
cryptanalysis for ALTEQ: if those are safe, then ALTEQ gain safe variants, and otherwise, we gain further understanding of the problems.
In particular, the ideas can be applied beyond ALTEQ and beyond, and hopefully extend to MEDS, LESS, and group-action-based cryptography.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/817

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