[Resource Topic] 2023/015: Unconditionally Secure NIZK in the Fine-Grained Setting

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Unconditionally Secure NIZK in the Fine-Grained Setting

Authors: Yuyu Wang, Jiaxin Pan


Non-interactive zero-knowledge (NIZK) proof systems are often constructed based on cryptographic assumptions. In this paper, we propose the first unconditionally secure NIZK system in the AC0-fine-grained setting. More precisely, our NIZK system has perfect soundness for all adversaries and unconditional zero-knowledge for AC0 adversaries, namely, an AC0 adversary can only break the zero-knowledge property with negligible probability unconditionally. At the core of our construction is an OR-proof system for satisfiability of 1 out of polynomial many statements.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/015

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