[Resource Topic] 2023/1567: Depth-Optimized Quantum Implementation of ARIA

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Depth-Optimized Quantum Implementation of ARIA

Authors: Yujin Yang, Kyungbae Jang, Yujin Oh, Hwajeong Seo


The advancement of large-scale quantum computers poses a threat to the security of current encryption systems.
In particular, symmetric-key cryptography significantly is impacted by general attacks using the Grover’s search algorithm.
In recent years, studies have been presented to estimate the complexity of Grover’s key search for symmetric-key ciphers and assess post-quantum security.
In this paper, we propose a depth-optimized quantum circuit implementation for ARIA, which is a symmetric key cipher included as a validation target the Korean Cryptographic Module Validation Program (KCMVP).
Our quantum circuit implementation for ARIA improves the depth by more than 88.2% and Toffoli depth by more than 98.7% compared to the implementation presented in Chauhan et al.'s SPACE’20 paper.
Finally, we present the cost of Grover’s key search for our circuit and evaluate the post-quantum security strength of ARIA according to relevant evaluation criteria provided NIST.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/1567

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