[Resource Topic] 2003/200: Cryptanalysis of B.Lee-S.Kim-K.Kim Proxy Signature

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Cryptanalysis of B.Lee-S.Kim-K.Kim Proxy Signature

Authors: Zheng Dong, Shengli Liu, kefei Chen


Blind signature is the concept to ensure anonymity of e-cion. Untracebility and unlinkability are two main properties of real coin, which require mimicking electronically. Proxy signature schemes allow a proxy signer to generate a proxy signature on behalf of an original signer.All the previous proxy signature schemes are based on ElGamal-type schemes.In this paper, we propose a new proxy blind signature scheme based on an ID-based signature scheme, which uses bilinear pairings of elliptic curves or hyperelliptic curves.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2003/200

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