[Resource Topic] 2015/145: Observations on the SIMON block cipher family

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Observations on the SIMON block cipher family

Authors: Stefan Kölbl, Gregor Leander, Tyge Tiessen


In this paper we analyse the general class of functions underly- ing the Simon block cipher. In particular, we derive efficiently computable and easily implementable expressions for the exact differential and linear behaviour of Simon-like round functions. Following up on this, we use those expressions for a computer aided approach based on SAT/SMT solvers to find both optimal differential and linear characteristics for Simon. Furthermore, we are able to find all characteristics contributing to the probability of a differential for Simon32 and give better estimates for the probability for other variants. Finally, we investigate a large set of Simon variants using different rotation constants with respect to their resistance against differential and linear cryptanalysis. Interestingly, the default parameters seem to be not always optimal.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2015/145

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