[Resource Topic] 2022/1299: Addax: A fast, private, and accountable ad exchange infrastructure

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Addax: A fast, private, and accountable ad exchange infrastructure

Authors: Ke Zhong, Yiping Ma, Yifeng Mao, Sebastian Angel


This paper proposes Addax, a fast, verifiable, and private online ad exchange.
When a user visits an ad-supported site, Addax runs an auction similar to those
of leading exchanges; Addax requests bids, selects the winner, collects
payment, and displays the ad to the user. A key distinction is that bids in
Addax’s auctions are kept private and the outcome of the auction is publicly
verifiable. Addax achieves these properties by adding public verifiability to
the affine aggregatable encodings in Prio (NSDI’17) and by building an auction
protocol out of them. Our implementation of Addax over WAN with hundreds of
bidders can run roughly half the auctions per second as a non-private and
non-verifiable exchange, while delivering ads to users in under 600 ms with
little additional bandwidth requirements. This efficiency makes Addax the first
architecture capable of bringing transparency to this otherwise opaque ecosystem.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2022/1299

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