[Resource Topic] 2022/633: CUDA-Accelerated RNS Multiplication in Word-Wise Homomorphic Encryption Schemes

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CUDA-Accelerated RNS Multiplication in Word-Wise Homomorphic Encryption Schemes

Authors: Shiyu Shen, Hao Yang, Yu Liu, Zhe Liu, Yunlei Zhao


Homomorphic encryption (HE), which allows computation over encrypted data, has often been used to preserve privacy. However, the computationally heavy nature and complexity of network topologies make the deployment of HE schemes in the Internet of Things (IoT) scenario difficult. In this work, we propose CARM, the first optimized GPU implementation that covers BGV, BFV and CKKS, targeting for accelerating homomorphic multiplication using GPU in heterogeneous IoT systems. We offer constant-time low-level arithmetic with minimum instructions and memory usage, as well as performance- and memory-prior configurations, and exploit a parametric and generic design, and offer various trade-offs between resource and efficiency, yielding a solution suitable for accelerating RNS homomorphic multiplication on both high-performance and embedded GPUs. Through this, we can offer more real-time evaluation results and relieve the computational pressure on cloud devices. We deploy our implementations on two GPUs and achieve up to 378.4×, 234.5×, and 287.2× speedup for homomorphic multiplication of BGV, BFV, and CKKS on Tesla V100S, and 8.8×, 9.2×, and 10.3× on Jetson AGX Xavier, respectively.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2022/633

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