[Resource Topic] 2023/531: Practical Randomness Measure Tool

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Practical Randomness Measure Tool

Authors: Boaz Shahar


This report addresses the development of a pseudo random bit
generator (PRBG) for constraint silicon devices. NIST.SP800-22 “Statistical test suite for Pseudo Random Generators” suggests a suite of tests that can confirm or deny the randomness of a given bit sequence. However, although providing a “pass / fail” criteria for the property of randomness of an arbitrary sequence, it is hard to get from the NIST suite the sense for the “level of randomness” for a given sequence, a measure that is
sometimes required for the development process of PRBG. This post suggests a tool that can measure randomness, and therefore allows gradual changes in the PRBG algorithm, that helps trading power / time / area constraints versus quantifiable measure of the resulting randomness.

Keywords: Binomial distribution, commutative distribution function (CDF),
PRBG, Bernoulli density

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/531

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