[Resource Topic] 2017/682: Conditional Blind Signatures

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Conditional Blind Signatures

Authors: Alexandros Zacharakis, Panagiotis Grontas, Aris Pagourtzis


We propose a novel cryptographic primitive called conditional blind signatures. Our primitive allows a user to request blind signatures on messages of her choice. The signer has a secret Boolean input which determines if the supplied signature is valid or not. The user should not be able to distinguish between valid and invalid signatures. A designated verifier, however, can tell which signatures verify correctly, and is in fact the only entity who can learn the secret input associated with the (unblinded) signed message. We instantiate our primitive as an extension of the Okamoto-Schnorr blind signature scheme and provide variations to fit different usage scenarios. Finally, we analyze and prove the security properties of the new scheme and explore potential applications

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/682

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