[Resource Topic] 2018/984: Pseudorandomness Against Mean and Variance Bounded Attackers

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Pseudorandomness Against Mean and Variance Bounded Attackers

Authors: Maciej Skorski


The recent progress in key derivation (Barak at al. CRYPTO’11, Dodis Yu TCC’2013) introduced the concept of constrained profiles for attackers advantage, recognizing that security bounds can be significantly improved (alternatively: lots of randomness can be saved) when the advantage, as the function of the key, is bounded in mean or variance. This paper studies \emph{minimal requirements for keys} to achieve security under such restricted attackers. We frame the problem as characterizing \emph{pseudorandomness against constrained distinguishers} and show that minimal assumptions are respectively (a) high smooth min-entropy and (b) high smooth collision entropy. This matches the (folklore extension of) assumptions of previous works. Besides providing lower bounds, we offer more insights into this key derivation problem and elegant proof techniques of geometric flavor.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2018/984

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