[Resource Topic] 2004/183: A New Forward Secure Signature Scheme

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A New Forward Secure Signature Scheme

Authors: Bo Gyeong Kang, Je Hong Park, Sang Geun Hahn


In this paper, we present two forward secure signature schemes
based on gap Diffie-Hellman groups and prove these schemes to be
secure in the sense of slightly stronger security notion than that
by Bellare and Miner in the random oracle model. Both schemes use
the same key update strategy as the encryption scheme presented by
Canetti, Halevi and Katz. Hence, our schemes outperform the
previous tree-based forward secure signature scheme by Bellare and
Miner in the key generation and key update time, which are only
constant in the number of time periods. Specifically, we describe
a straightforward scheme following from the encryption scheme, and
then improve its efficiency for signature verification algorithm
which needs only 3 pairing computations independent of the total
time periods.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2004/183

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