[Resource Topic] 1997/003: Efficient Cryptographic Protocols Based on Noisy Channels

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Efficient Cryptographic Protocols Based on Noisy Channels.

Authors: Claude Crepeau


The Wire-Tap Channel of Wyner shows that a Binary Symmetric Channel
may be used as a basis for exchanging a secret key. Later, Crepeau and Kilian
showed how a BSC may be used to implement Oblivious Transfer. Unfortunately,
this result is rather impractical as it requires n sup 11 bits to be sent
through the BSC to accomplish a single OT. The current paper provides efficient
protocols to achieve Bit Commitment and Oblivious Transfer based on the
existence of a BSC. Our protocols respectively use the BSC n times and
n sup 3 times. These results are based on a technique known as Generalized
Privacy Amplification.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/1997/003

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