[Resource Topic] 2017/315: Multimodal Indexable Encryption for Mobile Cloud-based Applications (Extended Version)

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Multimodal Indexable Encryption for Mobile Cloud-based Applications (Extended Version)

Authors: Bernardo Ferreira, Joaão Leitão, Henrique Domingos


In this paper we propose MIE, a Multimodal Indexable Encryption framework that for the first time allows mobile applications to securely outsource the storage and search of their multimodal data (i.e. data containing multiple media formats) to public clouds with privacy guarantees. MIE is designed as a distributed framework architecture, leveraging on shared cloud repositories that can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users. At its core MIE relies on Distance Preserving Encodings (DPE), a novel family of encoding algorithms with cryptographic properties that we also propose. By applying DPE to multimodal data features, MIE enables high-cost clustering and indexing operations to be handled by cloud servers in a privacy-preserving way. Experiments show that MIE achieves better performance and scalability when compared with the state of art, with measurable impact on mobile resources and battery life.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2017/315

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