[Resource Topic] 2012/639: Coarse-grained integer - Smooth? Rough? Both!

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Coarse-grained integer - Smooth? Rough? Both!

Authors: Daniel Loebenberger, Michael Nüsken


We count ]B, C]-grained, k-factor integers which are simultaneously B-rough and C-smooth and have a fixed number k of prime factors. Our aim is to exploit explicit versions of the prime number theorem as much as possible to get good explicit bounds for the count of such integers. This analysis was inspired by certain inner procedures in the general number field sieve. The result should at least provide some insight in what happens there. We estimate the given count in terms of some recursively defined functions. Since they are still difficult to handle, only another approximation step reveals their orders. Finally, we use the obtained bounds to perform numerical experiments that show how good the desired count can be approximated for the parameters of the general number field sieve in the mentioned inspiring application.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2012/639

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