[Resource Topic] 2024/505: RSA-Based Dynamic Accumulator without Hashing into Primes

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RSA-Based Dynamic Accumulator without Hashing into Primes

Authors: Victor Youdom Kemmoe, Anna Lysyanskaya


A cryptographic accumulator is a compact data structure for representing a set of elements coming from some domain. It allows for a compact proof of membership and, in the case of a universal accumulator, non-membership of an element x in the data structure. A dynamic accumulator, furthermore, allows elements to be added to and deleted from the accumulator.
Previously known RSA-based dynamic accumulators were too slow in practice because they required that an element in the domain be represented as a prime number. Accumulators based on settings other than RSA had other drawbacks such as requiring a prohibitively large common reference string or a trapdoor, or not permitting deletions.
In this paper, we construct RSA-based dynamic universal accumulators that do not require that the accumulated elements be represented as primes. We also show how to aggregate membership and non-membership witnesses and batch additions and deletions. We demonstrate that the efficiency gains compared to previously known RSA-based accumulators are substantial, and, for the first time, make cryptographic accumulators a viable candidate for a certificate revocation mechanism as part of a WebPKI-type system.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/505

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