[Resource Topic] 2024/500: Side Channel Resistant Sphincs+

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Side Channel Resistant Sphincs+

Authors: Scott Fluhrer


Here is a potential way to create a SLH-DSA-like\cite{DraftFIPS205} key generation/signer that aspires to be resistant to DPA side channel attacks.
We say that it is “SLH-DSA-like”, because it does not follow the FIPS 205 method of generating signatures (in particular, it does not have the same mapping from private key, messages, opt_rand to signatures), however it does generate public keys and signatures that are compatible with the standard signature verification method, and with the same security (with a small security loss against side channel attacks). In our tests, this idea performed 1.7 times slower compared to an unprotected version.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/500

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