[Resource Topic] 2023/975: Design of Blockchain-Based Many-to-Many Anonymous Data Sharing Scheme

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Design of Blockchain-Based Many-to-Many Anonymous Data Sharing Scheme

Authors: Esra Günsay, Burcu E. Karakaş, N. Gamze Orhon Kılıç, Oğuz Yayla


Many to many data sharing in the group setting in a cloud environment is a challenging problem that is crucial for numerous schemes. To our best knowledge, there is no generic study to allow sharing of confidential information in many to many pattern between different groups. Thus we propose a novel data sharing scheme enabling many to many sharing of encrypted data between different groups with using cryptographic techniques such as traceable ring signatures, multiple receiver key encapsulation, etc. We give a comprehensive security analysis showing our scheme is indistinguishable under user encapsulation keys and chosen plaintext attack secure under discrete logarithm assumption. We propose the implementation of our scheme, and the experimental results show that the proposed scheme is applicable for decentralized data sharing.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2023/975

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