[Resource Topic] 2024/901: Practical Committing Attacks against Rocca-S

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Practical Committing Attacks against Rocca-S

Authors: Ryunosuke Takeuchi, Yosuke Todo, Tetsu Iwata


This note shows practical committing attacks against Rocca-S, an authenticated encryption with associated data scheme designed for 6G applications. Previously, the best complexity of the attack was 2^{64} by Derbez et al. in ToSC 2024(1)/FSE 2024. We show that the committing attack against Rocca by Takeuchi et al. in ToSC 2024(2)/FSE 2025 can be applied to Rocca-S, where Rocca is an earlier version of Rocca-S. We show a concrete test vector of our attack. We also point out a committing attack that exploits equivalent keys.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/901

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