[Resource Topic] 2022/472: On the Hardness of Module Learning With Errors with Short Distributions

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On the Hardness of Module Learning With Errors with Short Distributions

Authors: Katharina Boudgoust, Corentin Jeudy, Adeline Roux-Langlois, Weiqiang Wen


The Module Learning With Errors problem (M-LWE) is a core computational assumption of lattice-based cryptography which offers an interesting trade-off between guaranteed security and concrete efficiency. The problem is parameterized by a secret distribution as well as an error distribution. There is a gap between the choices of those distributions for theoretical hardness results (standard formulation of M-LWE, i.e., uniform secret modulo q and Gaussian error) and practical schemes (small bounded secret and error). In this work, we make progress towards narrowing this gap. More precisely, we prove that M-LWE with \eta-bounded secret for any 2 \leq \eta \ll q and Gaussian error, in both its search and decision variants, is at least as hard as the standard formulation of M-LWE, provided that the module rank d is at least logarithmic in the ring degree n. We also prove that the search version of M-LWE with large uniform secret and uniform \eta-bounded error is at least as hard as the standard M-LWE problem, if the number of samples m is close to the module rank d and with further restrictions on \eta. The latter result can be extended to provide the hardness of M-LWE with uniform \eta-bounded secret and error under specific parameter conditions.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2022/472

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