[Resource Topic] 2024/182: FileDES: A Secure, Scalable and Succinct Decentralized Encrypted Storage Network

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FileDES: A Secure, Scalable and Succinct Decentralized Encrypted Storage Network

Authors: Minghui Xu, Jiahao Zhang, Hechuan Guo, Xiuzhen Cheng, Dongxiao Yu, Qin Hu, Yijun Li, Yipu Wu


Decentralized Storage Network (DSN) is an emerging technology that challenges traditional cloud-based storage systems by consolidating storage capacities from independent providers and coordinating to provide decentralized storage and retrieval services. However, current DSNs face several challenges associated with data privacy and efficiency of the proof systems. To address these issues, we propose FileDES (Decentralized Encrypted Storage), which incorporates three essential elements: privacy preservation, scalable storage proof, and batch verification. FileDES provides encrypted data storage while maintaining data availability, with a scalable Proof of Encrypted Storage (PoES) algorithm that is resilient to Sybil and Generation attacks. Additionally, we introduce a rollup-based batch verification approach to simultaneously verify multiple files using publicly verifiable succinct proofs. We conducted a comparative evaluation on FileDES, Filecoin, Storj and Sia under various conditions, including a WAN composed of up to 120 geographically dispersed nodes. Our protocol outperforms the others in terms of proof generation/verification efficiency, storage costs, and scalability.

ePrint: https://eprint.iacr.org/2024/182

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